MLB The Show 20: Everything we learned from the trailer rewind

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Sony San Diego breaks down the MLB The Show 20 gameplay reveal trailer, detailing many of the new Legends, features, gameplay improvements and animations.

Last week, Sony San Diego gave us our first look at gameplay from MLB The Show 20. The trailer offered plenty of teases and reveals, but the developer left it up to fans to spot everything new. That is until the trailer rewind dropped today.

Game designer and online community manager Ramone Russell walks us through the entire gameplay reveal trailer, detailing the specifics. From new Legends to improved gameplay to all-new animations, here are some of the things we learned from today MLB The Show 20 trailer rewind. Before we get to the details, here is the world gameplay reveal just in case you missed it.


Ramone Russell confirmed a few new Legends, including Gary Sheffield and John Franco. Sheffield is a nine-time All-Star and five-time Silver Slugger, while Franco is the owner of 400 career saves.

Russell also promised more Legends from the ’90s and ’00s. The trailer also teased Mariano Rivera, David Ortiz and Shane Victorino.

Motion Capture

MLB The Show 20 features over 700 new gameplay animations; new tags, new catches, new throws and more. The most noticeable new animations were things like the “Soto Shuffle” and dugout celebrations. According to Russell, there are also infield and home run celebratory animations.

There are over 50 new baserunning animations, 30 new home run swings and 40 bat slams. There are new animations for when you rob a home run, including animations for both successful and failing to make the catch. Additionally, new first baseman animations will also allow for more efficient and realistic double play turns.

There are also new catcher tags that start directly from the catch. Speaking of catchers, there are new “block ball” animations that seem to be part of an entirely new system that “makes catchers defense and block ratings matter more.”

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Road to the Show

Road to the Show now highlights attribute games in realtime based on how you perform.

MLB The Show 20 prides itself on the fine details when it comes to gameplay. You may have noticed a focus in the trailer on outfielders’ feet as they react to fly balls. These are referred to as “subtle start transition variations.”

According to Russell, start transition variations will “separate the very best outfielders from that slugger you’re trying to hide in left field.” Is that a shot at Kyle Schwarber?

Dynamic Challenges are now “more intelligent at recognizing the more important situations” for both your individual player and the team.

Also new to RTTS is a feature that allows you to build and strengthen your relationships with your fellow fielders. This seems geared more towards infielders — particularly when turning a double play — but I could see it used in the outfield when it comes to communication and calling off the other outfielders. Either way, it’s a really cool feature, especially as we see dynamic infielding duos get so much attention in real life.

Showdown (Diamond Dynasty)

Showdown is a new Diamond Dynasty mode. Although we’ll have tow ait for details to come during the March 7 livestream, Russell did hint at what it entails: draft players, upgrade with perks and take on the most-feared pitchers.

Defensive and fielding changes

Another new defensive feature is the Extreme Catch Indicator. We heard chatter that playing defense is supposed to be a bit more challenging this year and the Extreme Catch Indicator seems to play a role in that.

Basically, you’ll have a bigger role in deciding how to field fly balls. Do you have enough time to make a shoestring catch or dive for the ball? Or are you better off letting it drop and playing it off the hop?

The button accuracy meter when throwing has also been revamped. It’s faster and more intuitive and it changes based on the difficulty and distance of the throw as well as the arm accuracy of the fielder.

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That’s everything we learned in the MLB The Show 20 gameplay trailer rewind. The first developer livestream will be held on February 6 at 11:00 a.m. PT and focus on defensive fundamentals. This will include a more in-depth look at the Extreme Catch Indicator, defensive fielding tweaks, fielder efficiency improvements and button accuracy revamp.

Overall, this is way more than I even caught in the trailer initially. What do you think of this year’s improvements?