TFT: Teamfight Tactics Mobile release window narrowed

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In the TFT roadmap for 2020, Riot Games confirmed that Teamfight Tactics Mobile will be releasing in at some point in March.

Last year saw the release of Teamfight Tactics, an auto battler spinoff of League of Legends. The game mode became a smash hit, resulting in Riot Games focusing more of their effort on it.

As part of their plans to expand the League of Legends brand to other genres and platforms, Riot Games announced late last year plans to bring TFT to mobile devices. Originally slated for an early 2020 arrival, Riot Games has since narrowed the release window for Teamfight Tactics Mobile.

In their developer roadmap for 2020, Riot announced that they are aiming to bring TFT to mobile devices by March, likely around the same time Set 3 arrives. However, the publisher added the disclaimer that this would be for “most countries,” meaning it may not be a global release at first. Still, it sounds like we can expect the game to arrive in most major markets by March 2020.

"“While we’ve been busy working on PC, we’ve also been pouring over how to bring TFT from PC to mobile in a way that feels intentionally built for the platform.”"

TFT seems like a fairly easy game to port to mobile as far as gameplay mechanics are concerned. But there are other things to factor in when working on a port for mobile devices, such as average session length. Gamers tend to play in shorter bursts on mobile, which means Riot will have to balance TFT in a way that allows for shorter game lengths.

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At the same time, Riot previously said they want cross-platform support across PC, Mac and mobile. That suggests that TFT Mobile will be the exact same game on mobile as it is on PC with, perhaps, some adjustments to the user interface only.

In any case, it seems Riot is laser-focused on Teamfight Tactics for the foreseeable future, despite concerns that popularity for the game mode may have waned since launch. While I no longer play as regularly on PC as I did at launch, I still follow the game regularly and am actually more excited to play on mobile. I like the flexibility of playing anywhere as opposed to the confines of my desk.