Battle Breakers patch V1.81 adds new game mode

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Epic Games has added weekly challenges, battle crystals, sudden death a new Battle Pass and more to Battle Breakers with the V1.81 patch.

About a month ago, Epic Games released Battle Breakers on iOS, Android and PC (with cross-save), adding a nice addition to the turn-based RPG hero collector genres. It’s latest patch V1.81 is now looking to shake things up a bit with the additions of a new game mode, new item, new features and a new Battle Pass.

Battle Breakers‘ new game mode is Weekly Challenge where you will complete a set of missions for a faction, rewarding you with Challenge Coins. Challenge Coins can be spent in the Weekly Challenge store, where you can exchange the coins for gems, resources, XP and character shards. The twist around the Weekly Challenges missions is that they have hero restrictions based on the faction you’re performing the missions for that week.For example, my Weekly Challenges this week require 1 Knight for Challenges 1 and 2, 1 Knight and a Light Hero for Challenge 3, Fire Heroes for Challenge 4 and a Light Hero for Challenge 5. So I hope you’ve been putting together a diverse roster of characters.

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Battle Breakers also had a new item added called Battle Crystals. Battle Crystals are earned through the previously mentioned Weekly Challenges. These Battle Crystals are exchanged for special heroes — ones that have been part of past Battle Passes. So if you’re trying to complete your collection of heroes, Battle Crystals will help. The best part is that you will always get a non-duplicate hero when you redeem a Battle Crystal. I didn’t come anywhere close to collecting everything I could, so I welcome this addition. Epic Games hasn’t said how they plan to implement other ways of collecting Battle Crystals outside of the Weekly Challenges, but they did acknowledge in the patch notes that they “may add more ways.”

If you’re like me and are constantly browsing the Battle Breakers subreddit, you’ve probably become accustomed to seeing screenshots of boss battles that go well past 1000 turns. A new Sudden Death mode aims to fix boss fights like this. After a specific number of turns (100 for a normal boss, 250 for a super boss), Sudden Death triggers, boosting the attack of all heroes and enemies, as well as reducing basic skill cooldowns.

Other additions and changes include:

  • a new Battle Pass: Darkfrost Castle
  • Battle Breaker’s first holidy event: Winter Snowscape
  • Mega Bosses
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Character, gameplay and UI changes

You can read the full patch notes on the Epic Games website.