TFT patch 9.24 preview: Tentative champion nerfs and buffs

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Riot Games has released the sneak peek of tentative nerfs, buffs and changes coming to Teamfight Tactics (TFT) with patch 9.24 next week.

The next major update for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is coming next week with patch 9.24 and Riot Games has provided a sneak peek of the tentative changes. The sneak peek doesn’t offer specifics, but does give us an idea of what to expect in terms of buffs and nerfs, and how it could impact the current meta.

Riot has already confirmed two of the biggest changes coming to TFT with the arrival of three new champions in Lucian, Senna and Amumu. Lucian and Senna will comprise the new Soulbound class while Amumu will help provide a mid- and late-game buff to the Inferno element. The Shadow origin, with the addition of Senna, move from the 2/4 model to a 3/6 (+70%/+140%).

We already knew about this. Riot’s sneak peek confirms a new round of buffs and nerfs. And there’s a lot to be excited for.

For starters, Singed is getting nerfed alongside the Phantom Dancer. I think we can all agree this was desperately needed as he has been an incredibly strong late-game champ and essentially makes the Poison origin pretty overpowered — especially when pair Predator.

Also being nerfed are Ivern and Maokai. The Woodland/Druid combination is a very strong and popular early game composition. These nerfs should hopefully result in more variation early on. That said, Neeko, another Woodland/Druid is getting buffed.

Brand, who was nerfed mid-patch with 9.23, will once again be nerfed. He already had his ability damage reduced across the board, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for him. Annie, another strong Inferno/Summoner, is also listed as getting a nerf. Tibbers is pretty strong right now, so I can see Riot targeting him.

The Ocean origin is also being nerfed. Ocean, on its own, isn’t very powerful but is very effective when paired with Mages and Summoners.

Renekton is the final mention of a nerf. While he does feel strong currently, I don’t know why he’s being singled out.

Interestingly, there’s no mention of Predators being nerfed. Predator/Poison is currently one of the most powerful compositions in the game and Predator early on is very strong. Perhaps Riot figures the nerf to Singed will be an indirect hit to Predators as well.

In terms of buffs, Cloud, Electric, Light and Ranger are all listed. Light was recently reworked with patch 9.23, reducing the total heal amount to be based on the dying Champion’s health rather than those receiving the heal.

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Ranger is in desperate need of some love. While Vayne and Kindred are both in a good spot, Ashe and Twitch are both horribly underpowered and pretty useless right now. The buff to Light and Rangers could result in this becoming a powerful new composition.

While Warden isn’t listed as getting buffed, both Malphite and Taric are. As a five-gold cost unit, Taric feels very underwhelming right now, so his buff is definitely needed.

Yasuo, Aatrox and Lux are three other champions listed as getting buffs. Lux is the game’s first 7-gold cost champion and while she feels strong already, getting her into a composition doesn’t feel as rewarding as it should.

Lastly, Giant Slayer is the only item listed as getting a buff. While this was a very popular item in Set 1, it has kind of fallen off in Set 2. With a buff to Giant Slayer and Rangers, this could make a comeback in patch 9.24.

TFT patch 9.24 will be released on Wednesday, December 11. Because of the Christmas holiday, it will be four weeks before the next patch (9.25) is released.