TFT patch 9.24: Here’s how Amumu will help buff Inferno

Amumu is joining the Convergence with Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch 9.24. Here’s how his arrival will help buff the Inferno origin mid- and late-game.

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.24 is shaping up to be a big one. In addition to the new Soulbound class — made up of Lucian and Senna — TFT‘s next patch will introduce a third champion, Amumu.

The Curse Mummy will be making his debut in auto-battler, arriving in the Convergence as an Inferno Warden. He will be a five-cost Legendary unit, giving the Inferno origin a more viable late-game.

As explained by Riot in the latest patch preview:

Inferno at the 6-piece level has been a bit underwhelming. Specifically, it lacks the utility to compete with other all-in compositions (Light, for example).

This is where Amumu will help out. He’s designed to be a “tanky frontline” for the Inferno comp. His ability, Curse of the Sad Mummy, causes him to explode, dealing damage to enemies within 2/3/4 Hexes and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

His ability to stun enemies for nearly two seconds gives the Inferno Spell trait bonus more time. Right now it deals a percent of a spell’s Pre-mitigation damage over a five-second span.

The lack of a tanky Inferno champion right now makes it hard for an Inferno-heavy team — 6+ Inferno champions — to survive long enough to take advantage of that bonus. This is especially true with the current strength of the Predator class, which is basically an auto-kill for any champion with 25 percent health. Amumu’s ability to stun the enemy will give you more time to cast spells and deal damage, while simultaneously fending off the heavy damage dealing team comps like Predators, Light and Berserkers.

Amumu’s tanky build will serve as an indirect buff to the Inferno origin. The fact that he’s of Legendary rarity means he’s designed for mid- and late-game, which is exactly where the Inferno comp starts to fall off. He’s a natural tank that will provide flexibility with Inferno-focused team comps as well since you’ll now be able to pair Inferno with Warden and get some extra beefiness.

TFT patch 9.24 is expected to go live on December 12. We should get some additional patch notes in the form of a preview sometime this upcoming week. These should give us better insight in terms of what to expect from TFT‘s next game-changing patch.

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