PUBG Update 5.2 hits live servers: Testing long-awaited eSports mode

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Update 5.2 debuted on test servers last week introducing ‘PUBG Labs’, a new in-game feature/menu tab that PUBG Corp will use it to gather valuable and direct player feedback on potential additions to the game. The first order of business? Esports mode.

The addition of ‘PUBG Labs’ has allowed PUBG Corp to finally give an eSports mode the fair trial run amongst their casual player base. For the next four days, players will have the opportunity to play like the pros when they queue for matches by selecting the “Labs: PGC 2019” tab located in the bottom-left corner of the lobby.

Prior to this feature, many players that were interested in giving competitive PUBG and its eSports setting a try of their own could only do so on sites such as FaceIt and GLL. These are a good way for players to enjoy ranked and competitive gameplay, but it’s not realistic to expect a casual PUBG player to seek out these alternatives.

Now, PUBG Esports will be presented to the entire player base in order to determine if there is enough interest to add a dedicated ranked queue. This is something PUBG Corp, specifically in North America, is concerned about doing. It wasn’t long ago that the company removed the map selection option from all North American region players, this was to reduce the number of individual queues when you have four maps and two perspective modes.

PUBG Corp.
PUBG Corp. /

Based on what we’ve heard in a variety of tweets from PUBG employees, a ranked mode is definitely on its way. PUBG Labs and this ‘PGC 2019’ test is just the start of the company determining the best way to implement the new ranked mode.

Unlike in the past, placement and kills will take priority in this iteration of ranked, meaning that the passive player that crawls their way into a top-five placement will miss out on valuable kills being collected by others.

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If you’re new to PUBG Esports and unaware of the differences between a traditional match and an esports match, here are the biggest differences.

  • The first thing you’ll notice when loading into the game is that there are only sixty-four players in an eSports lobby. This means there are only sixteen squads, as opposed to twenty in a traditional squad match. Always played in the first-person perspective, you’ll also immediately notice a substantial increase of loot when you and your teammates touch the ground. With more automatic rifles, snipers, sights, and gear spawned throughout the map thanks to “SUPER” settings (Standard Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset).
  • Hate wandering aimlessly for a vehicle to begin making your way into the zone? Well, eSports settings have guaranteed spawn points for vehicles and boats across each map. Based on your preferred looting location, you’ll have a handful of options when it comes to securing transportation.
  • Another difference to keep in mind is that circles are drastically different with eSports settings, both the speed of the zone and the time in-between the next zone. For example, during mid and late-game scenarios, players will be able to outrun the blue zone. This is great because no one wants to die to the blue zone, but if you find yourself stuck in it, you will take more damage than in public matches.
  • Flare Guns have been removed, and your eardrums will appreciate you for playing eSports mode thanks to the removal of red zones.

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There are numerous other differences between the eSports and public matches, but these are some of the biggest. Be sure you hop into PUBG and give it a try for yourself, the company is monitoring the interest in this mode and I suspect a positive reaction from the community.

I love the direction PUBG is taking on this ‘ranked mode’ and I hope this mode becomes permanent in the near future. It’s unquestionably the most exciting addition to PUBG in recent months, in my opinion. Now we just sit back, play as much of it as possible in the next four days, and pray it returns shortly with a leaderboard and ranking system in tow.