League of Legends roadmap teases Senna and a new juggernaut champion

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In the October champion roadmap for League of Legends, Riot Games discusses Senna, Fiddlesticks and Volibear and teases three more new champions.

During the 10th anniversary livestream for League of Legends, Riot Games revealed the next new champion coming to the game. Hitting the PBE later this month will be Senna, the game’s first ever support marksman. But she’s only one of multiple champions Riot has in the pipeline.

In the latest roadmap for the game, Riot further teased Senna while also providing an update on the reworks for Volibear and Fiddlesticks. They also teased not one, not two, but three more champions – though we’re still a long way away from any formal details.


As we predicted, Senna will be a natural support for Lucian; she is his wife after all. With her Relic Cannon, she can deal damage and offer utility. Riot is also adding new voice lines for Lucian. Senna’s gameplay will be shown during the second day of the Worlds Quarterfinals.

The “Juggernaut”

With Darius being the last true straightforward, accessible juggernaut,” Riot has plans to add another in the near future. From the depths of the Ionian underground, the new juggernaut “will thrive in the center of a brawl, laughing as they take hit after hit then furiously punching back, releasing all that stored aggression on their enemies’ faces.”

Darius was released all the way back in 2012, so I’d say we’re well overdue for a champion that gets right in the thick of things. It sounds like the new champion will be a mix of Darius and Vi, who also relies on her fist.


Last we heard two months ago, Fiddlesticks had entered early production. Riot offered a brief update regarding this new terrifying version of Fiddlesticks, whose abilities will now center on the concept of fear.

"Fiddlesticks’ new kit will be centered around the concept of fear, but it’ll include much more than a point-click status effect (which is staying on the kit). Experienced Fiddlesticks players will wreak mental havoc on their victims as they question what is real and what is merely a terrifying effigy. Horror will fill the Rift whenever Fiddle is in the game, and if it finds you before you find it, only death will follow."


Two months ago, Riot wasn’t sure about the direction of the Volibear rework. They liked the idea of making the Freljordian demigod feel “unstoppable,” but they weren’t sure how to go about that. The initial idea was to have some sort of resistance to immobilizing effects, but Riot has since moved away from the permanent unstoppability idea. Their new goal is to make Volibear “feel more like a god of the storms, bringing thunder down on his enemies and the structures they hide behind.”

Riot last recently toyed with champions who interact with the map’s environment, including one of the most recent champions, Qiyana. With the 2020 season “Rise of the Elements” introducing the concept of a changing map landscape mid-match, it seems Riot is looking for more ways for champions to interact with the environment.

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Visually, Riot is scaling back the grotesque-horror design and are instead moving more towards a “prime, original, godlike form.”

A Jungler and Solo Laner

Looking further down the line, Riot has two more new champions in the pipeline. But given how far away they are, Riot isn’t ready to share any details. All we know is that one will be a “whimsical new jungler,” while the other will be an “edgy solo-lane melee carry.” That’s all we know, but we have quite a while to theorize what they could be as the next League of Legends champion roadmap won’t come until sometime next year.