Clash of Clans October 2019 update previewed, sets stage for massive end-of-year update

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Supercell Games has detailed the upcoming October 2019 update for Clash of Clans, which sets the stage for an even larger update later this year.

After much anticipation, Supercell Games has finally lifted the curtain on the October 2019 update for Clash of Clans.  The upcoming update will feature an improved clan recruitment tool and a slew of other quality life improvements. And while it may feel a little light in terms of new features and content, there’s a reason for that.

The October update will lay the groundwork for what Supercell teases is a “very massive update” coming later this year. While the developer provided no insight into what this end of year update will be, they did say the October update features a lot of content that’s happening behind the scenes, or under the hood.

The biggest feature coming in the October update is a revamped Clan recruitment system. With the global chat being removed, Supercell is introducing some new features that’ll better aid in the recruitment of new clan members.

One of the new tools is “labels,” which will allow players to describe themselves. Players are able to choose three labels to describe their style of play with things like “friendly,” “talkative,” “active donor,” “trophy pusher,” “competitive” and many more. Clans will also be able to choose labels. These labels will then be fed into the “recommendation engine” and the result should hopefully be a good match for both the player and the Clan.

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Also helping with recruitment is a new player search. Clan leaders and co-leaders will be able to open up a menu that will recommend players to recruit. Individual players looking for clans are able to turn on the ability to receive Clan invitations, even if they are already in a Clan. This is an interesting feature as it makes recruitment a little bit more competitive. And Clans will also have to keep their current players on the roster happy or risk losing them.

The October update will also bring some UI improvements to Season Challenges in an effort to make it easier to understand and play. Quick Train slots are also being expanded from three to six, and these extra ones will not come at any gem cost.

Check out the dev update below for a look at some of the finer changes coming to Clan Games rewards, Legend League and Build Base reset. Unfortunately, Supercell only teased that a special Halloween-themed event is coming, but we’ll have to wait for more details.

Sadly, the October 2019 update doesn’t feature any new troop or building levels, or anything that would drastically change the gameplay. That’s because the Clash of Clans World Championship is just a few weeks away, so Supercell doesn’t want to introduce any major changes without giving Clans more than a few weeks to adjust.

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That said, a lot of the major updates are coming in the “very big” update planned for later this year. As for the October update, we don’t know exactly when it will arrive, but be on the lookout for official patch notes when it does release.