Clash of Clans October update: Clash-O-Ween teases new Skeleton King skin

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The Clash of Clans October Season of Challenges could coincide with Clash-O-Ween and a major update to the game. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the Skeleton King.

October is going to be a big month for Clash of Clans. Not only are we expected to get an update to the game, but it will also celebrate Clash-O-Ween, the annual celebration of Halloween in Clash of Clans, featuring gifts, decorations, and special troops. It’s possible that the October season of challenges, the October update and Clash-O-Ween all coincide and launch together on October 1, but we’re still waiting for confirmation from Supercell.

In the meantime, the developer has shared the first teaser for Clash-O-Ween, which seemingly does confirm the next Hero skin for October’s Season Challenges. Following September’s Autumn Queen, October’s challenges will seemingly reward players with a special Halloween-themed skin for the Barbarian King.

The teaser for Clash-O-Ween shows the Barbarian King standing in a thunderstorm. But if you look closely at the shadow that is cast on the ground after lightning strikes, you’ll see the shadow of a skeleton. It looks like October’s challenges will reward players with a Skeleton King version of the Hero, which is perfect for Halloween.

The Skeleton King will likely be the reward for the Gold Pass for October, with the challenges scheduled to begin on October 1.[0]=68.ARBmLWQCyaaj_XU-M8ihsEUnPoqxjX3PsWOVjen4vO6j2atlsMHan8qqsP5hl–N9wYLmxBqsuzlM3ZKGQLpbYXoZcKEQK7x_1XOm9IIZT1uNV4dC6FJUe8EqfRHjyqJ8fEkYR2jju5vetKNAm9Z-9KquD93ZMkPfS5x7WhRSR0QFXvwVfLWHayi79PMgyG2zWXDbeGnL_9bsK0n-AH5PT_HiEoZuEhF4D_AqFIuzwVMmbEMJzG3Tj5AZkoS3XbkoFe3xILxkY5cExJfvOxmjTjF1qCCYjqujkCjcTXDiyeDiQYnnzEuPqiA64fF4IFosBMM4aOpaTtftSd9oI9GrxrQdyfMeVi5Y3-evA&__tn__=-R

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As for the update, Supercell has not yet offered any sort of sneak peeks, but we do know that they will be removing the Global Chat channel from the game. In a previous post regarding its removal, Supercell explained that they were dumping a ton of resources into policing Global chat, including  Anti-Fraud agents, spam detection and shielding players from offensive and inappropriate chat.

Rather than continuing to combat these issues, Supercell decided it would be easier to remove it from the game and instead focus those resources on improving the overall Clash of Clans experience, including improving the Clan recruitment functionality to make it easier to find and recruit new players.

That’s all we know about Clash of Clans for next month, but we’ll likely find out more on October 1. In the meantime, you have about one more day to complete any leftover challenges for September.