Clash Royale September update patch notes arrive with Season 4 and Shocktober details

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The Clash Royale September update has arrived. Check out the patch notes and initial details for Season 4 and the Halloween Shocktober event.

The September update for Clash Royale was released today, as you may have been prompted to download it when booting up the game.

Teased over the weekend, the September update replaces the 2v2 button with the Party button. The Party button is now home to a variety of game modes, playable solo or with friends, including regular 2v2. As explained by Supercell, the Party playlist is designed as a casual option where you can earn Crowns, Victory Gold and Chests without the risk of losing Trophies. The modes playable in the Party list will rotate regularly every 48 hours.

Speaking of game modes, a new one – Triple Draft – has arrived. As the name alludes, this is like the typical Draft game mode, only you are given even more control over assembling your deck. You’ll be able to choose all eight of your cards. You’ll choose each card based on three random ones, and you’ll also be able to see what three cards your opponent chose from. This extra details creates a more strategic element when building your deck.

2v2 matchmaking has also undergone some changes and matchmaking will now be based on card levels and king levels.

Some other notable changes include the introduction of tiebreakers, effectively ending draws in all game modes except 1v1 Ladder. With this new mechanic, the player with the lowest single Tower Hitpoints loses.

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Some quality of life improvements include a transparent countdown timer and the ability to rotate out inactive Clan Leaders. After 35 days of inactivity, the Clan Leader position is giving to the longest serving Co-leader. If there is no Co-leader, then the longest serving Elder becomes Leader. The update also renames the Emote Deck to “Personalize,” improves player support tools and tweaks the Shop UI. And, of course, there’s a list of bug fixes.

Looking beyond this update, we have Season 4 starting on October 7. It will coincide with the return of Clash Royale‘s annual Halloween celebration, Shocktober. We don’t know exactly what’s coming, but Supercell teases “spooky goodness” as well as a new card and new arena.

Clash Royale Season 4 news will be revealed this week. In the meantime, let us know what you think the new card will be.