Clash Royale September update to replace 2v2 with Party button

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With just two days left in the month, Supercell has plans to release a September update for Clash Royale that packs some pretty significant changes.

While Season 4 of Clash Royale won’t begin until October 7, the game will receive a new update before this month ends. The September update was expanded upon in the latest TV Royale episode, in which game designer Seth and community manager Drew ran through some of the upcoming features.

The most notable change in the September update will be the removal of the 2v2 button but don’t worry, the game mode isn’t actually being removed from the game. It will now live inside the new “Party” menu.

The Party button will be featured on the main menu and will take players to a list of playable Party modes. This will include 2v2 plus a rotation of other modes you’ll be able to play.

The good thing about Party is that you won’t lose Trophies. Instead, it’s designed as more of a casual option where players can still earn Chests, Crowns and Victory Gold without the stress of playing the more competitive modes, like the Ladder or a Challenge. In Party game modes, you’ll be able to try out decks without fear of losing Trophies, play with friends in 2v2 modes and just pass the time if you enjoy Clash Royale without any stress.

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While the Party button is the main new feature, the September update will also come with a new game mode (with two more coming at the start of Season 4 in October). The first new game mode going live with the update is Triple Draft mode.

In Triple Draft Mode, you’ll draft all eight cards in your deck (choosing from the option of three cards at a time). You’ll build your deck one pick at a time, and you’ll also be able to see what cards your opponent is picking, so you may be able to counter them.

Another fairly big feature coming in the update is Tiebreakers. Games will no longer end in a draw at the end of six minutes. Instead, the tower with the lowest health will be destroyed and a winner crowned. We can also expect quality of life improvements, Crown Rush (like Gold Rush but with Crowns) and bug fixes. Not every new feature will be coming with the September update, though, as some will be introduced with the start of Season 4.