Clash Royale Season 3 is all about being Legendary

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Clash Royale Season 3 is now live, taking us to the mystical Legendary arena. Find out what else is new in the patch notes below.

A new month means a new season in Supercell’s card-battling game Clash Royale. Season 3 is all about being Legendary. But what does that mean exactly?

Season 3 returns us to the Legendary Arena, a mystical arena where all battles above 4,000 Trophies will take place.

Pass Royale (Clash Royale’s name for the Season Pass) introduces a new Fortress tower skin and it looks pretty awesome with a flowing waterfall and floating rocks. It’s probably my favorite of the three tower skins that have been introduced since the introduction of seasons two months ago. The tower skin has also been moved to tier 10 (up from tier 30), which means it’ll be easier for you to unlock.

At tier 20, Pass Royale owners can unlock the exclusive Legendary Princess Emote. And, of course, Pass Royale will feature plenty of other rewards to unlock throughout the season. In total, there are 35 Pass Royal reward tiers and 35 free reward tiers to unlock.

Beyond cosmetics and rewards, Season 3 features some pretty big balance changes.

Most notable is the complete rework to the Executioner. He’s got a massive 82 percent damage increase (which is actually lower than the original 98 percent increase that was originally expected to go live). The last-minute tweak was made out of fear of the Executioner being too strong ahead of the impending start of Clash Royale League. In a post specifically dedicated to the Executioner, Supercell wrote:

"Ultimately we decided it was safe to do a minor nerf before deployment. If Executioner is too strong still, we at least have made a move in the right direction and have a higher likelihood of getting it right if we need to nerf again. If he ends up being in the Strong range, then we don’t need to make any changes and CRL isn’t upended. This also gives players the maximum amount of time to practice in the new meta before the first matches."

The Executioner’s original buff made it so that he was able to take out a complete wave of Barbarians with a single throw, which seemed completely overpowered. I don’t know how Supercell thought that was a good idea, to begin with. To offset the damage increase, the Execution has had his range reduced (min 3.0 to max 4.5) and his hit speed reduced to 2.5 seconds. His hit points have also been reduced by five percent. His axe return time will still be reduced to just one second, which is half a second faster than previously.

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Beyond actual balance changes, another thing Supercell noted as “eye-opening” was how level disparities impact the strength of a card, turning it into an “unkillable terminator.” I’m actually completely taken aback by this admission. How could they not have realized this sooner? I thought taking card levels into account was part of the balance tuning for the game.

The P.E.K.K.A. was nerfed once again, but just the attack range (from long to medium). The Dark Prince, another strong unit, has had its area damage radius reduced slightly (1.2 to 1.1); I think he’ll still remain a popular and strong unit. The Fisherman, introduced back in July with Season 1, has had his damage nerfed by 11 percent, but in turn now only costs three Elixir instead of four.

Clash Royale Season 3 is now live and runs for the next 34 days. This season’s Pass Royale can be purchased for $4.99.