Clash Royale Season 1 detailed: Pass Royale, Fisherman, Crown Chest changes and more

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Following yesterday’s teaser, Supercell Games has fully unveiled the contents of Clash Royale’s upcoming Season 1, arriving with the July update.

Big changes are coming to Clash Royale next month. With the arrival of the July update, Supercell Games will be introducing the Pass Royale, a new reward system that basically functions as a season pass we see in just about every other game these days.

July will mark the start of Season 1 of Clash Royale, despite the game being three years old now. The new season won’t only bring balance changes to many of the cards; it will drastically change how rewards are unlocked in the game.

The biggest change will be with how Crown Chests are rewarded. There will now be two tracks of tiered rewards in Clash Royale.

The first is a free track where a new Crown Chest unlocks with each tier every day. On the weekends, two tiers will unlock per day, rewarding you with two Crown Chests. You are still required to earn 10 Crowns to open a Crown Chest, but you’re no longer limited to having just two at a time. As a quality of life improvement for players who aren’t necessarily able to login every day, Crown Chests now stack more than twice, meaning you can save them throughout the month before opening them. The final Crown Chest of every month will also be a Legendary Chest.

The second tiered track is actually the Pass Royale. Available for $4.99 each season, this special track rewards those who purchase it with unique tower skins and emotes, automatic chest unlocking (via a queuing system), unlimited entry to special challenges so you don’t have to spend Gems to re-enter a competition, a Golden Name cosmetic change, lightning strikes for Pass Royale chests and more.

Pass Royale rewards are unlocked with every Crown Chest you claim throughout the season. These rewards consist of things like additional chests, gold and exclusive rewards like tower skins, emotes and more.

Each season will have a new, unique tower skin available for Pass Royale owners. Season 1’s tower skin will be a shark tank, and Supercell also teased a fish emote. Towers skins and emotes will be exclusive to the season but will be yours forever once unlocked. So the shark tank and fish emote will only be available for Season 1 in July.

This is similar to how Clash of Clans’ Season Challenges operate in which the Gold Tier can unlock unique skins for the Barbarian King or Archer Queen. Like in that game, I’d like to see these skin rewards expanded beyond just the towers in Clash Royale and eventually have the troops and buildings receive unique looks.

Beyond the new reward system, Season 1 will introduce the Flood. With that comes the new Fisherman card, a new boat-themed Arena and two new game modes.

Teased yesterday, the Fisherman is a new Legendary card that introduces a new mechanic to Clash Royale. He uses his big anchor to hook enemies and pull them towards him, stunning them for a brief moment while he slaps them with his fish. The Fisherman is also able to use this new grappling mechanic to pull himself to a nearby building and deal damage. The Fisherman will be unlocked at Hog Mountain.

With the Fisherman comes his own themed arena, Fisherman’s Float. Replacing Legendary arena for the entirety of Season 1, you’ll now do battle on a boat.

The Fisherman will first be introduced to Clash Royale in a new game mode called “Fisherman’s Catch.” Similar to Dragon Hunt, the Fisherman will appear in the center of the map; the first player to whittle his health down to zero will see the new troop join his/her team temporarily.

Every new season will include special challenges that match the theme of the season. With the Flood approaching, we have the appropriately themed “Take to the Skies” challenge. In this limited even, the map will be flooded by water and you’ll only be using aerial troops.

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New rewards and gameplay modes aside, the July update will also feature some quality of life improvements. Some of the more difficult daily quests — like play buildings — have seen their requirements lowered. Supercell has also made it so that all battle quests can be completed in all modes (1v1, 2v2, challenges or global tournaments). This is, perhaps, my favorite change of the season as it no longer means I will endanger my trophy count to complete a quest.

And, of course, the July update packs quite a bit of card balance changes. Melee ranges, in particular, received a major revamp and you can read all about their new distances here. It’s important to note that these new values were taken from the game’s API and aren’t necessarily finalized until the update is live and patch notes released.

Supercell didn’t announce a release date for Clash Royale‘s July update, but I expect it will be with us sooner rather than later. Given that Season 1 lasts for a month, I expect it no later than July 1 or July 2. From there on, each month will be a new season with new rewards and challenges.

What do you think of the introduction of the Pass Royale to Clash Royale?  Sound off in the comments below!