PUBG Nations Cup: Team Russia secures first after impressive final day

Courtesy of PUBG Corp.
Courtesy of PUBG Corp. /

Team Russia rallied to unseat South Korea, claiming the PUBG Nations Cup and the $100,000 grand prize.

This past weekend, sixty-four of the world’s best PUBG players arrived in Seoul, South Korea to represent their country at the PUBG Nations Cup. Exchanging their pro league jersey for the colors of their country, teams fought over the lion share of a $500,000 prize pool. The all-star event played host to a variety of memorable moments, culminating with Team Russia’s final day performance to surpass the host nation, Team South Korea.

Taking an early lead during day one, South Korea demonstrated exactly why they were a favorite heading into the event. The team breezed through opponents on the shoulders of Cha “Pio” Seung Hoon, who led the event in damage dealt and placed second in kills.

Despite their quick start, South Korea was unable to fend off Team Russia, who arrived with their A-game on championship Sunday. The Russians snagged a first and second-place finish in the two matches leading up to the event finale. Heading into the final match, only two points behind South Korea, the teams dropped into Erangel with the massive grand prize still up for grabs.

PUBG Nations Cup 2019
Courtesy of PUBG Corp. /

Team Russia dropped on Sosnovka Island while South Korea landed in Georgepol, presenting both teams with a difficult rotation into the first zone, which centered over “Prison” in the East. Opting for the safest rotation possible, each team settled into the first zone as action broke out throughout the map.

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The United States, Canada, and Great Britain did their best to spoil the final match for both teams in contention for first place. During a multi-team skirmish, both South Korea and Russia lost their leading player. However, the Russians were able to pick up valuable kills during the exchange. Entering the final match trailing by two points, these kills placed Team Russia in first while teams collided around the “Mansion” area.

Without their best player and any points from kills, South Korea rotated directly into the waiting sights of Vietnam who eliminated the host nation in tenth place. This would spell victory for Team Russia whose two remaining players were en route to the next zone with seven kills. Ironically, they would be the next team eliminated in ninth place by Thailand.

The PUBG Nations Cup delivered an abundance of memorable moments, and by all accounts was another successful mid-season event for PUBG esports. The event showcased each of the pro league’s best talent, hopefully building a connection between the fans and players of different regions.

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PUBG Esports will now turn its attention towards Phase 3, with the National PUBG League returning to action on Saturday, September 7. Each region has a unique start date and format, so be sure to keep a look-out for details regarding your favorite region.