Clash Royale Season 1 brings The Flood and new Fisherman Legendary

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With a new video today, Supercell gave us our first look at Season 1 of Clash Royale, teasing an impending Flood and the new Fisherman Legendary card.

Earlier this month, Supercell teased that Season 1 of Clash Royale will introduce a Legendary card featuring a new mechanic. At the time, all they released was a simple image of an anchor, prompting speculation that the new season will be centered around some sort of water or ocean feature.

Well, our theories weren’t completely wrong. A new teaser video released today gives us our first look at Clash Royale Season 1 and confirms that a flood is coming.

The flood warning comes by way of the Fisherman, a new character and Legendary card that will arrive with the new season. The teaser features the Fisherman “fish slapping” the various troops, but it looks like his actual gameplay mechanics will be quite different.

If you watch the teaser to the very end we’re given a brief glimpse of actual gameplay shown on a small mobile device. If you look closely, you can actually see the Fisherman in action.

It appears the new Legendary Fisherman card will throw a hook anchor at a nearby enemy Hog Rider and pull the unit towards him. As Supercell alluded, this would be the first of this type of mechanic in Clash Royale.

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You’ll also notice a brand new Arena teased in the video. It looks like the battle will take place on the deck of a boat.

Supercell also teases that “much more” will be coming to Clash Royale with season one. Honestly, I was hoping the flood would introduce some sort of new water-based mode — even as a limited time special event — to completely change up the mechanics of the game. It would be cool to see how the various units and mechanics would work if their arena were flooded by water.

The trailer, for example, shows the Hog Rider riding a wave in a bathtub. How hilarious would that be to see that as a mechanic in a flooded arena? Obviously, this wouldn’t be a ranked mode, but something fun on the side. I understand Supercell not wanting to fracture the player base and increase wait times for matches, but this could be a fun special event.

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New details stemming from teasers via the Chinese version of Clash Royale, it has been leaked via the game’s Reddit that Season 1 will also introduce a Season Pass that includes automatic chest unlock functionality, unlimited challenges, and unique emotes — all of which will be exclusive to the Season Pass. Other datamining leaks seemingly confirm “double trophy road” (not sure what this is exactly) and a Crown Chest reward.

The introduction of a Season Pass in Clash Royale shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Supercell recently did the same with Clash of Clans. That game’s Season Pass — available each month for $4.99 — features daily and monthly challenges that unlock rewards and special cosmetics for specific units. You can read all about it here.

Having unique skins for the various cards in Clash Royale seems like a no brainer, but we’ll have to wait for Supercell to share official details. The developer promises those are “coming soon.”