The Division 2 Title Update 4 released: Gunner, clan changes and more

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Title Update 4 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has arrived and with it comes the new Gunner specialization, Clan changes and more. Check out the full patch notes.

Title Update 4 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 went live this morning. The highlight, of course, is the arrival of the Gunner, the game’s fourth specialization. Newly released patch notes reveal the update also brings tweaks to Clans, Mods, the Dark Zone, and more. Of course, there’s also a lengthy list of bug fixes.

As previously detailed, the Gunner aims to provide players with a tank option in hopes of addressing the The Division 2‘s problem with build diversity. The specialization comes with a powerful Minigun that allows for sustained damage output. However, a unique mechanic also provides players with bonus armor based on the amount of specialization ammunition they are carrying.

The Gunner is available to anyone who owns the Year One Pass. If you don’t own the Year One Pass, you can still unlock the Gunner, but you’ll have to first complete five stages of in-game challenges. Thanks to Reddit, this process has been outlined and while it doesn’t look too hard, it does look time consuming. The Special Field Research also provides unique cosmetic rewards, so players with the Year One Pass may also want to complete them.

In addition to the Gunner, all specializations have received a talent tree rework, so it looks like it’s time to tinker again. Ubisoft didn’t get into specifics, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before min/maxers come up with the most effective new builds.

Speaking of builds, the Reviver Hive has been improved so it “should result in more reliably reviving downed agents.” The Assault Drone has also been tweaked to better target NPCs and make smarter decisions in terms of who to focus fire on.

Title Update 4 also brings some much-needed changes to Clans. Most notably, life has been made easier for smaller clans. Weekly Projects should be easier to complete and CXP requirements for each tier of Clan Cache have also been reduced. Some other quality of life improvements include automatically removing invites/join requests after 28 days, adding a status to show when members were last active and adding a weekly reset timer in the clan progression menu.

The update also makes it easier to fine clans that more fit your interests. There’s a new “keyword” section in the clan details that allows players to choose from a list of predefined words to describe the clan. Players searching for a clan can now choose a keyword to help find one that best fits their playstyle.

Also aimed at simplifying some of the game’s more tedious mechanics, Title Update 4 removes specific talents requirements for project donations as well as replica and crafted items requirements. Some additional World Tier 5 requirements have been added, however.

NPC behavior has been addressed with Ubisoft removing “bulletproof” backpacks that would block incoming damage. Additionally, NPC acceleration when repositioning in cover has been decreased.

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Overall, this may not be the flashiest of title updates, but the changes made are definitely appreciated, especially the clan changes as I’m someone who prefers to be in a smaller, close knit clan with friends only. The Gunner should add some intriguing gameplay options and changes to the talent trees should mean more experimentation.

This was a solid quality of life update, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting year of content. As a reminder, Ubisoft has three free episodes filled with post-launch content planned for throughout the year. The developer teased some of this content during E3, highlighting a second raid and a return to New York City. But that’s still a long ways away.

Head on over to the Ubisoft forums for The Division 2 for a full look at the patch notes for Title Update 4.