Clash of Clans June update: Builder Hall 9, Hog Glider, O.T.T.O. and more

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The Hog Glider, Lava Launcher, and O.T.T.O. Hutt are three new additions coming to Clash of Clans with Builder Hall 9 in the June update.

In the midst of all the E3 excitement, Supercell Games has been detailing a new update coming to Clash of Clans this month. Over the weekend, the developer confirmed the highly anticipated June update will introduce Builder Hall 9, but there’s much more coming to the game as well.

In a newly released developer video, Supercell Games highlighted some of the big additions coming with Builder Hall 9, and I have to say, they are all very exciting.

Some of these additions, like the Research Potion and new hero, troop and building levels, have already been discussed. But revealed with Build Hall 9 is a new Hog Glider troop, O.T.T.O. Hut, practice mode and more.

The Hog Glider is inspired by the original cinematic that was released alongside the launch of Builder Hall. If you recall, the Hog Rider has been missing ever since that video and now he’s returning with Builder Hall 9 as the Hog Glider.

The Hog Glider is a flying troop who aims to attack defensive buildings. If he successfully crashes into the defense, it will become stunned for a while. At this point, the hog rider will jump off and act like a normal Hog Rider unit. If the Hog Glider takes damage before he reaches the defense, he will drop early.

Also new in Town Hall 9 is the Lava Launcher, a very long range defense that hurls slabs of molten rock that set the ground of fire where it lands. This molten area does damage over time to any units that step over it.

While these are two very exciting additions that’ll undoubtedly affect combat strategies, the real highlight of Builder Hall 9 is the O.T.T.O. Hutt. This unique building, when leveled up and unlocked, allows you to have a second builder, O.T.T.O., on your Builder Base.

The O.T.T.O. Hutt will actually introduce a new upgrade system. Rather than relying on resources, upgrading the O.T.T.O. Hutt will require you to complete prerequisites, such as upgrading certain buildings you already have to the max level.

But it gets better! Once you unlock O.T.T.O., he becomes the second builder in the Builder Base. This allows the Master Builder to travel to the Home Village, effectively giving you a sixth builder (if you have five already).

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Another major new feature coming in the June update is a training mode for the main village. Continuing to try and make Clash of Clans welcoming to newcomers, the training mode is a way for you to practice and learn various attack strategies. For true beginners, there’s a mode that essentially holds your hand through the attack and walks you through the attack strategy with deployment timings, locations, etc. A free mode provides you with an army and allows you to form your own attack strategy.

This was part one of Supercell’s developer video for the Clash of Clans June update. A second video, coming at a later date, will discuss the Legend League rework.

The Clash of Clans June update does not yet have a release date, but it seems we are nearing the end of the sneak peeks. I’d expect the update to release in the next week or two.