Warframe: Latest dev stream teases game’s 41st warframe and Wukong rework

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Warframe dev stream 128 offered a look at Wukong’s new kit and a sneak peek at the game’s 41st warframe, Runner.

Hot on the heels of Warframe‘s Jovian Concord update, Digital Extremes has offered players a sneak peek at what’s coming to the free-to-play, third-person action game. As further evidence that no one does “games as a service” better than Digital Extremes, the developer has already teased a new warframe along with a complete rework of the Wukong warframe.

Dev stream 128 offered plenty of exciting news, but the highlight was undoubtedly the first look at Runner, the game’s 41st warframe. While Digital Extremes wasn’t completely ready to unveil the new warframe, they did slightly pull back the curtain on Runner.

Teasing one of his abilities, which is “very subject to change,” Digital Extremes explained that Runner’s kit is “rooted in mach power and speed.” They also drew our attention to a curious “[PH] Redline mode,” and left it up to fans to determine what that could mean.

Obviously, teasing one ability doesn’t give us any sort of indication as to how Runner will play, but I’m definitely digging his look. Hopefully, we get to see the rest of his abilities soon.

Of course, being the good sports that they are, Digital Extremes didn’t completely leave us hanging. They offered us a preview of his first ability, which is still “very much a work in progress with no balancing passes done.” Check it out below.

In addition to showcasing the 41st warframe, Digital Extremes also finally revealed the new abilities as part of Wukong’s rework, which also includes a new hi-poly deluxe skin.

Wukong’s first ability, Hair of the King, is completely new and creates a clone of him. The clone actually does the opposite of what you, the player, do; so if you’re slashing with your melee, the clone is shooting enemies. Here it is in action:

In an attempt to create a more active playstyle for Wukong, Digital Extremes is changing his second ability, Defy. As the developer explained:

"Defy will allow players to make use of small windows of invulnerability while they “taunt” at enemies, followed by a reflection of the damage taken."

Cloud Walker hasn’t really changed too much, but now moves faster and provides a bigger critical chance bonus the longer you stay in the cloud. His fourth ability, Primal Fury, has had its damage increased and will now use a Baruuk-styled metre.

Runner and the Wukong rework are probably still weeks away from release, but it’s refreshing to see Digital Extremes continue to pump out new warframes alongside updated older ones. Speaking of new warframes, the developer teased yet another one being worked on, though offered only concept art.

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It’s called the Oni Frame, but is also referred to as the “Kirby frame,” and after looking at the concept art you can probably see why. Oni is all about that bass and embraces his curves. Unfortunately, other than his concept art, no other details were shared.

The dev stream also featured a look at “Hero moments,” which are essentially melee finishers that only occur at the end of a fight on a specific enemy. Performing Hero moments will result in extended drops, and also look pretty rad.

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As per usual, Digital Extremes continues to impress with their constant improvement of Warframe. As I’ve mentioned countless times before, plenty of other developers (cough, EA, cough) could really learn a lesson from them in how to run a game as a service. Not only does Digital Extremes push out new updates on a regular basis, but keep an open line of communication with the Warframe community.