Anthem update 1.1.0 out now with full patch notes, here’s what’s new

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As promised, BioWare delivered update 1.1.0 for Anthem, introducing The Sunken stronghold along with a number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Anthem update 1.1.0 is now live and as promised, BioWare has released the patch notes to go along with it.

We’ve known that the highlight of this update would be the arrival of The Sunken Cell, a new stronghold available to players who have completed the main story; however, the update features plenty of other exciting and long-awaited features.

Most notably, you can now access the Forge during missions, strongholds and freeplay. This has been one of Anthem‘s most-requested features and I think just about everyone was shocked that it wasn’t in the game at launch.

One of the biggest complaints about Anthem when it first released was the convoluted process required to simply change a piece of gear on your javelin. You had to first travel to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay, then run to the Forge and sit through a loading screen. The long load times were painful enough, but having to go through all of these steps was painstakingly frustrating. Thankfully, this change means you no longer have to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay to equip new pieces of gear.

That’s not the only new feature that’ll cut down on your load times. With today’s update, you’re now also able to select new contracts from the start of the expedition screen as well as launch a new mission from the end of the expedition screen. In either situation, you’re saving yourself a trip to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay.

Also arriving today are three new Universal Masterwork Components, that add some variety to what was becoming a stale pool of options:

  • Extended Sniper Magazine: Adds specialized storage for enhanced sniper rifle ammunition. Increases damage by 30% of base damage. Increases maximum magazine size of sniper rifles by a large amount.
  • Rapid Hollow Points: Adds specialized ammo storage for machine pistols and autocannons. Increases damage by 30%. Increases weak point damage of machine pistols and autocannons.
  • Extended Special Arms Magazine: Adds specialized ammo storage for heavy pistols and grenade launchers. Increases damage by 30%. Increases maximum magazine size of heavy pistols and grenade launchers by a large amount.

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Beyond these key new additions and features, much of update 1.1.0 consists of a lengthy list of bug fixes and gameplay balance adjustments across all facets of the game. The full patch notes for Anthem update 1.1.0 can be found here.

In addition to these patch notes, BioWare has plans to host a livestream for Anthem in which the developer will discuss their 90-day roadmap for the game. Of course, we’ll have a write-up for that as soon as possible.

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As I’ve previously mentioned, there’s a lot riding on both this update and the upcoming livestream. The update doesn’t add a whole lot in terms of new content, but it is a step in the right direction in terms of BioWare listening to player feedback and reacting accordingly. But as a “game as a service,” the longevity of Anthem will ultimately be determined by how frequently BioWare can release new content to keep the existing player base satisfied.