Anthem game update 1.1.0 arrives tomorrow with new Stronghold and more

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For those of you still playing Anthem, an update tomorrow (1.1.0) will introduce a new Stronghold and other game improvements and fixes.

BioWare announced today that Anthem update 1.1.0 will release tomorrow, April 23. According to community lead Andrew Johnson, the update will introduce the previously teased Stronghold, “The Sunken.” Game improvements and bug fixes are also expected, though we don’t yet have specifics.

Additionally, Johnson confirmed that BioWare will be providing an update on Anthem‘s current 90-day calendar. Anthem‘s roadmap has been in flux since the game’s rocky launch in February, as BioWare has spent much of their time addressing key issues impacting the overall gameplay experience.

With all that time BioWare has spent on addressing bugs, making some much-needed quality of life improvements, and finding the right balance for loot, I can’t imagine that the developer has had time implementing all that was initially promised in the 90-day roadmap.

The Sunken was billed as April’s big content drop but also on the roadmap for April are leaderboards, guilds and the highly anticipated “expanded progression” mastery system. Also on the roadmap were six “Cortex Locked” freeplay events that, as far as I can remember, haven’t actually been unlocked in the game. These were presumably supposed to add even more content to the game.

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Seeing as how there is only a week left in the month, it doesn’t feel like these other promised features or content will make it on time. This is pure speculation though, and tomorrow we should get a definitive answer from BioWare during a livestream.

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BioWare’s multiplayer looter-shooter isn’t dead yet, but there’s a lot riding on tomorrow’s updates and developer livestream. As a “game as a service,” Anthem is dependent on BioWare’s ability to deliver fresh content on a consistent basis. So far, they’ve dropped the ball and much of the community has grown tired and frustrated by the constant letdowns.

Delaying The Cataclysm, which was slated to arrive in May and cap off Anthem‘s first post-launch act, would be devastating for the game; but, it seems like that’s where things are headed, unfortunately. We’ll get a better idea of where things stand for Anthem tomorrow, but right now it’s not looking promising.

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Anthem released in late February to mixed reviews. While I found particular enjoyment in the combat mechanics, the lack of content and abundance of bugs have soured the overall experience. BioWare has made strides since the game’s release, but it seems like it still needs a few more months in the oven.