Clash of Clans balance changes coming soon in February 2019 update

Supercell Games
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Supercell has announced a new round of balance changes coming to Clash of Clans in an update expected to arrive in February.

Clash of Clans developer Supercell Games is readying to release a new update that’ll introduce a slew of balance changes to the popular strategy game. The balance update is expected to arrive “in the next couple of days,” and appears to be separate from the update that’ll contain the recently teased Quality of Life improvements.

As for what we can look forward to in the short term, Supercell has laid out the specifics in terms of what’s being tweaked along with explanations for each change.

"We have observed at higher Town Hall levels that Mortars and X-Bows have become quite underwhelming as defensive structures in terms of Damage per Second (DPS). One of the challenges in balancing the game is to perform these changes in a way that retains a unit’s viability and relevancy without making attacking or defending too easy or difficult."

With that in mind, the update will increase the DPS of Mortars and X-Bows, while decreasing the DPS from Archer Towers and Cannons. There are a lot of changes to various levels for each respective building, so I strongly suggest checking out the specific patch notes for details.

Aware of the effect these changes could have on “farming troops,” Supercell has also buffed the Hit Points on Barbarians and Goblins.

A Barbarian will have  145 HP (up from 125) at level 7 and 205 HP (up from 140) at level 8. Goblins are getting a slight bump from level 4 onward before a 27 HP boost (74 to 101) at level 7.

The update will also fix a minor bug with Eagle Artillery “that required ranged troops to be closer to hit it than other buildings. Now they can hit it from the same distance they can other buildings.”

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Lastly, the update will contain some slight changes to War League demotion rules. Starting in March, the number of clans demoted to Bronze Leagues will go from two to one. On the flipside, the number of Clans promoted to Master and Champion Leagues will also be reduced from two to one. Finally, the number of clans demoted from Champion League I has been increased from two to three.

These changes should roll out sometime this month, probably within the next few days. There’s nothing too drastic in here; although, the changes to the defensive buildings could affect some strategies. We’ll have to wait and see how these adjustments play out in the grand scheme of battle.

As Supercell mentioned, this is separate from the update that’ll contain the quality of life improvements and presumably much more. We don’t know when that update will release, only that it’s in the works. It will likely contain much bigger, potentially game-changing features (possibly even new units or defensive buildings as well).

Assuming these balance changes get out soon, I’d expect the next major update for Clash of Clans to arrive in early March. We can probably expect a week or so of sneak peeks leading up to it.