Welcome to the future: Samsung unveils the Galaxy Fold, priced at $1,980

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The world of pure imagination just became real as Samsung officially unveiled its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold.

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen. During Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event today, the company officially lifted the curtain on its revolutionary foldable phone – aptly named the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Before we get down to the gritty details, first check out the reveal trailer and gaze at this technical marvel of a smartphone.

I’m not one to typically get all giddy about new phones, especially since my primary use for them is to scroll through Instagram or Facebook while on the can. But it’s hard not to appreciate the innovation behind the Samsung Galaxy Fold.  It truly is revolutionary.

Unfortunately, the future is quite expensive. The Galaxy Fold will have a starting price of $1,980, which is more than some people pay in rent.

As for the specs, the Galaxy Fold is using 512GB of Universal Flash Storage 3.0 (eUFS) alongside a Qualcomm 7nm Octa-core processor and 12GB of RAM.  To get around the issues of a folding screen, Samsung has actually built two batteries – one on each side of the device – that combine for a rating of 4,380mAh.

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The Galaxy Fold utilizes an Infinity Flex display that allows the device to go from a 4.6-inch display when folded in phone mode to a 7.3 inch inside display that unfolds into a tablet. When used as a phone, the Cover Display will run at a resolution of 1960 x 840 pixels. When unfolded into the tablet, the Main Display (which folds down the middle) has a resolution of 2151 x 1536 pixels (or QXGA+).

The device itself appears to be pretty sturdy, relying on a hinge system with multiple interlocking gears that are hidden at the rear of the device. The transition from Cover Display to Main Display and vice versa also appears to be rather seamless.

Samsung has actually worked with Google and the Android developer community to ensure apps take full advantage of the Galaxy Fold’s unique capabilities.Using Google Maps as an example, Samsung showed how you can open the app in the Cover Display mode, and then seamlessly switch to the Main Display smoothly without missing a beat. Certain apps, like Google Maps, will even offer expanded options when used in the tablet mode.

Once in the Main Display, the Galaxy Fold will allow for multitasking with up to three apps. In the demonstration, Samsung had YouTube running on the left, with the WhatsApp chat window at the top right and a web browser at the bottom right. Using a system Samsung calls “app continuity,” the Galaxy Fold adjusts these apps automatically when moving between the phone and tablet modes.

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What’s going to be even more interesting to see is how game developers make use of this technology. While we’ve seen games playable on phones and tablets, to be able to switch seamlessly between the two views will be incredible. Or, having the game play on the left side of the tablet while you perform other tasks, like looking up guides or strategies, on the right could revolutionize the handheld gaming experience.

There are a total of six cameras built into the Galaxy Fold. The Triple Rear Camera is comprised of a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 12-megapixel telephoto camera and a 16-megapixel ultra wide camera. There are also two cameras on the inside, a 10-megapixel selfie camera and a 8-megapixel depth camera. Finally, there’s a 10-megapixel camera on the front for selfies.

All-in-all, the Samsung Galaxy Fold looks like the next true evolution of smart devices. At $1,980, it’s a little pricey for my taste; but, for those who enjoy showing off the latest technology, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available starting April 26 in four different colors: black, silver, green and blue.

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