The Ice Legion arrives with Fortnite’s Ice Storm event

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Fortnite’s Ice Storm event has arrived, bringing more snow, an Ice Legion of zombies, new challenges and more exciting surprises.

Remember the giant ice sphere floating above Polar Peak? Well, it exploded today, ushering in an extended winter in Fortnite.

The latest event, dubbed Ice Storm, kicked off in dramatic fashion today with a live, one-time-only in-game.

If you missed it, there are videos all over social media, but here’s the gist of what happened: the Ice King finally broke out of the sphere and then summoned a massive icy, shadow-figure of himself. After punching a crack into the sky, he summoned a giant ice wave that covered the entire map with snow. Even the always-sunny desert of Paradise Palms is white with snow.

Snow isn’t all that comes with the Ice Storm event, though. Arriving with the storm is the Ice Legion, an army of deadly ice zombies similar to the ones that came with the Halloween event.

Having played a few matches, these NPC monsters can have a huge impact on the game as they hunt you down relentlessly. Not only do they follow you, but they destroy any and all buildings in their way, destroying any sort of cover you hope to achieve. Plus, firing upon them will give away your position.

That said, eliminating these creatures can reward you with some valuable loot. There are also exclusive Ice Storm challenges, some of which are directly linked to eliminating the Ice Legion.

There are a total of 13 Ice Storm challenges that will be revealed over the course of a week. As of this writing, only three are available: Complete Ice Storm challenges (6), Destroy Ice Fiends (250) and deal damage with Explosive Weapons to the Ice Legion (5,000).

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Completing individual challenges will reward you with experience, but if you complete all 13 before the event ends, you will unlock the Winter’s Thorn Glider for free. If you complete six of the challenges, you’ll earn the Blue Metallic Rare Wrap. Wraps were introduced with Season 7 as a way to customize weapons and vehicles you pick up during a match.

The Ice Storm is just another example of Epic’s ability to keep Fortnite feeling fresh. With so many battle royale clones attempting to steal a piece of the pie, Epic continues to prove that they do it better than everyone else. And it’s events like this that keep Fortnite exciting week-in and week out.

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Prior to the event, there was speculation that the giant ice sphere was related to Season 8, but clearly that no longer appears to be the case. With still a few weeks remaining in Season 7, there’s still plenty of time for Epic to begin teasing the new season.