Epic begins teasing Fortnite Season 8 with a mysterious ice orb

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There are still a few more weeks to go in Fortnite Battle Royale’s seventh season, but as is tradition, Epic Games has already begun to sneak in some teasers for the upcoming eighth season.

Following the release of this week’s update v7.20 for Fortnite, it didn’t take long for players to discover a few intriguing new additions to the battle royale portion of the game. It’s believed these mysterious objects are related to the game’s impending Season 8.

For starters, there’s now a giant icy orb floating above the castle at Polar Peak. Currently, the orb is simply floating in mid-air, but its unexpected appearance is reminiscent of the mysterious purple cube that showed up towards the end Season 5. The cube slowly made its way across Fortnite‘s map before ultimately falling into Loot Lake, paving the way for Season 6.

The cube reappeared at the start of Season 6 and actually offered an intriguing mystery as the season unfolded. The cube traveled across the map in the air before it eventually exploded, temporarily sending players to another dimension and altering the map once again.

Whether or not this floating icy sphere in Season 7 has anything to do with Season 8 remains to be seen, but it’s certainly something worth keeping an eye on over the next few weeks. It could also be connected to the mysterious eggs that are now found below the castle as well.

There are theories floating around that these eggs will hatch at the start of Season 8 and introduce dragons. That would definitely be an interesting counter to the planes that were introduced in Season 7. Imagine flying on the back of a dragon and getting into a dogfight with the X-4 Stormwing Plane!

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That’s not all, though. Following the update was a sort of mini-community event. As detailed by IGN, the iceberg located on an island of Happy Hamlet was finally destroyed – after about 10 hours of hacking away at its health.

Hidden beneath it was a hatch to an underground bunker, not all that different than the one that appeared in Wailing Woods during Season 4. Nothing did ever come of the Wailing Woods hatch, so perhaps Epic is just trying to throw us off with the emergence of this new one.

What any of this means is anyone’s guess right now, but it’s probably safe to assume these are the first of many teasers for the upcoming Season 8. These sort of mysterious occurrences are a norm for Fortnite and part of what makes the game so much fun to follow. They usually culminate with a big, live event so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on any sort of evolutions to the sphere, eggs or bunker.