How To Cheat Death And Be The Biggest Snake /

Here are some trade strategies that will help you keep your tail as you slither your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Move over,; there’s a new sheriff in town. And he’s got a snake is his boot! is the latest massive multiplayer resource-gathering game with the quest of getting HUGE. Instead of swallowing smaller players, your goal is to knock out the competition by having them collide into your tail. Once they do so, you can score massive points through the orbs of energy they leave behind, directly the size of their former snake.

Because of the difference in dynamics, the types of mechanics in play, gameplay techniques used and strategies that successful players employ also change. Divide and conquer is not the name of the game; it’s eat or be eaten. We’ll teach you how to stay around long enough to make it on the Top 10 leaderboard.

Move over, BernieSanDerps69; there’s a new snake in town to shake things up! /

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, Or Fleeting Orbs

Honestly, this should go without saying; those giant orbs of energy in are there to bait you into an early death. Rarely are the points worth the amount of time it takes to catch up, the points lost from speeding up negate the bonuses and you are likely to dive head first into an enemy snake’s tail before you even know they’re there.

Instead, once you start out, you should focus on earning points as safely as possible. Build up a solid tail first by collecting the orbs on the ground, often amassing closer to the center. Stay away from the big snakes for now; instead, build up slowly, but surely. Once you have a tail you can actually reverse into, then you should start to make the casual introduction to other players. /

Follow Suit Early, Picking Up The Scraps

There are a number of ways you can build up your energy, but one of the safer early-game strategies that can yield large rewards is to follow the big game. Find the biggest snake you can and pick up any of the orbs surrounding them that they don’t pick up.

It may seem like a defeatist attitude. “Why would this snake miss any orbs? Aren’t I just wasting my time?” Actually, because of their size, they’ll be focusing on taking out intermediate and large competition, as well as absorbing bigger orbs. Not only do you get the protection of their bodies (snakes won’t try to cut in on you if they could just as easily collide and die, themselves), but there’s always the possibility that they can perish.

When that happens, you are right there and in a prime position to rush down the length of their departed body and get HUGE in a short amount of time. Make sure to dive back in as soon as you see another snake do the same at the polar opposite angle of the energy trail.

Speaking of diving back in… /

Slytherin, Not Slither Out

The quickest way to earn points, no matter your size, is to collect the orbs from a departed snake. However, once a snake dies, literally everyone else in the vicinity will be trying to collect from the same source, including the snake responsible for the kill. The bigger the snake, the bigger the reward, so you will need to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge out of the way of enemy snakes in your quest to get HUGE.

If there’s one core idea that you need to keep in mind, it’s this: slither in, not out. You make your way to the top in by staying alive and the best way to avoid hitting aggressive snakes is to coil back in and along your own tail. As long as you’re not in a possible snake ring trap, you can easily double back and get out of harm’s way, as you can’t be hurt by your own tail.

You might not get all the energy in the world by employing this strategy, but the many snakes who perish in that battleground will push your ranking higher by the process of elimination. /

Always Have An Exit Strategy

The above picture is an (intentional) example of what not to do in; try to rush into the middle of a bunch of snakes without knowing the ins and outs of every player involved. As you can see, instead of trying to go after the trail of energy behind the grey snake, rushing to get the multi-colored stream between the two green snakes resulted in an early death.

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Always have an exit strategy in, no matter what. You need to know exactly who’s in play, who’s stepping back, who’s trying to play defensively and who’s trying to double down on the rewards by taking out incoming snakes. This may be a lot to process in the blink of an eye, but with practice, you can see the subtle indicators players make to show their interest.

For example, as soon as that grey snake started turning inwards (slithering in!), but more than 180 degrees, it was clear that they were playing defensively by snagging some orbs, then doubling back to watch the field. It’s that move that allowed the one-eyed green snake to swarm in, something that you could tell by its initial sped-up slither made in a straight line. What you see here is a misread for illustrative purposes, but you get the point.

If you’re going to dive in, read the room first. /

Know When To Make Your Move

Longevity is the name of the game, as you can avoid everyone else and focus on collecting energy on the outskirts of the arena if you are inclined to climb the leaderboard that way. However, you really need to take out others once you’re strong and long enough in order to make that push into the Top 10.

What you really need to look for is fast, reckless players coming parallel and behind to you. Coming hard in, and at a sharp angle, is the quick approach, and should work for those not paying attention. Furthermore, you can cheat out to ease an incoming snake, then loop around and encircle them if you’re that much larger than them. If you keep tight on the circle, they will eventually give up and fall into you, letting you dive back in and absorb their energy.

Eventually, you will get the confidence to pit other snakes against each other. If you hang parallel, but semi-distant, alongside a large snake and a smaller one tries to squeeze through, you can cut in and out of their line to form an impenetrable wall against your tail and the unsuspecting third party’s tail. You can use this to cut them off, with the option to circle back and collect the remains while the third-party snake is off on their own adventures.

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Your overall mentality should be the following; lay low, build up your resources quietly away from the herd, play defensively at first, poke in and out, then grow HUGE enough to consume the world. It’s a snake eat snake world out there; play your cards right, and you could be the next player atop the leaderboard.