30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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Every year, the list of mobile games released seems to get better and better. That makes the task of picking the best iPhone games more difficult with each passing year as well.

Here at AppTrigger, we’ve got a small operation, making a year-end list like this even trickier. It would be all too easy for the list to reflect just one person’s personal preferences. So we needed a better way.

Since we love psuedo-science, we turned to the one place that offers some subjective tools to use when compiling a list like this. That’d be Metacritic, which compiles both critic and user reviews of iOS games.

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So what we did was take the critic and user scores, weighting the former more than the latter. We also established minimums of five critic reviews and 10 user reviews to even consider games for our year-end rankings. That means some titles released late in the year might not make it, but that’s the way it goes.

We also included a third factor, using the number of overall reviews a title got as a third factor — though we capped it at half the weight of user reviews. This seemed like a way to take the pulse of the overall gaming public in general, because if tons of people are talking about your game, it’s usally a good thing.

In previous years, we’ve tried to weed out games designed specifically for mobile from titles ported from other platforms, but this year, we threw that requirement out the window. If it first became available for iPhone in 2015, it was eligible for our list, no matter how old it might be overall.

The list we came up with seemed reasonable, so we like the way our little formula turned out. Please join us on our journey through the 30 Best iPhone Games of 2015, beginning with the bottom 10.

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