Who will voice the Joker in MultiVersus?

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Fans were upset by the news last year that the MultiVersus Open Beta was being shut down and that the game would not return till 2024. Now a year later, MultiVersus is on the brink of launching and gamers can dive in exactly where they left off.

The one thing that made MultiVersus unlike any other fighting games was that there were characters from tons of different universes. You can have Bugs Bunny fight Batman or even Wonder Woman take on Shaggy. The character possibilities were endless thanks to the colliding universes. With MultiVersus scheduled to release in a few weeks on May 28, many gamers are wondering what new characters will end up making their way into the game.

The Joker is coming to MultiVersus

One character that we already know will be playable in the full Multiversus launch is the Joker. The Joker is one of the most iconic villains of all time and now you will get a chance to become the Joker in the revamped MultiVersus.

Over the years we have seen different versions of the Joker from real life portrayals to animated versions as well. With the Joker being so iconic, there have been tons of actors wanting a bite at the apple so that they can provide their best version of the villain to the fans.

Who will voice the Joker in MultiVersus?

Since it has been revealed that the Joker is coming to wreak havoc once again, the big question that now surrounds this character is who is going to voice them? Will it be someone new stepping in to take on the role as the Joker, or will it be someone who has previous expereince of playing the Joker?

The answer to the question is we are getting a returning actor reprising their role and that actor is Mark Hamill. What makes this decision so epic is that Mark Hamill voiced the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. The late great Kevin Conroy also voiced Batman in Batman: The Animated Series which makes the decision to bring back Mark Hamill as the Joker a very nostalgic and iconic decision.

After Kevin Conroy's passing in 2022, Mark Hamill announced that he would retire as playing the Joker. Hamill felt that without his partner, Batman just wouldn't be the same. However, MultiVersus is giving Mark Hamill one final chance to star alongside Kevin Conroy's Batman thanks to recorded dialogue by Kevin Conroy before his passing.

If you are ready to dive into MultiVersus once again, then you will be able to download the full game on May 28 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. When it comes to a Multiverse, anything can happen at any given moment.

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