Where to find Wheat Seeds in Palworld

Palworld Screenshot. Image from Pocketpair, Inc.
Palworld Screenshot. Image from Pocketpair, Inc. /

There was a lot of hype leading up to the release of Palworld, Pockepair's open-world monster collecting game, which has often been compared to Pokemon. The main difference between Palworld and Pokemon is that Palworld takes a much more violent approach and uses guns, whereas Pokemon does not.

The Palworld hype finally came to a climax when gamers were finally able to get their hands on the game on January 19, its early Access release. In just the first 8 hours on Steam, Palworld had over 1 million sales. Since then, the game has sold over 5 million copies and is one of the most-played games on Steam.

Where to find Wheat Seeds in Palworld

While a majority of players are still learning the ins and outs that the game has to offer, you will learn that Wheat Seeds are a very important resource that you will come across. The more Wheat that you have, the more recipes and food that you can craft. The more Wheat that you have will ultimately allow you to craft new foods that can be used to upgrade your Palbox and even help with breeding your Pals. There are many different uses for Wheat Seeds, but only a couple of different ways to find them.

Get Wheat Seeds from Pal drops

One of the tougher ways to earn some Wheat Seeds in Palworld is to acquire them from various Pals. Not all Pals have the chance to drop them, so don't expect to get them from every Pal that you come across. Some of the Pals that have been confirmed to drop Wheat Seeds are Bristla, Cinnamoth, Dinossom, Flopie, and Robinquill. Some of these Pals you will come across earlier on in the game than others, but if you see any of these Pals in the wild, you may want to try and defeat them so you can start building up your inventory full of Wheat Seeds.

Get Wheat Seeds from the Wandering Merchant

The other option and the option that requires a whole lot less work is to purchase Wheat Seeds from the Wandering Merchant that is located in the Small Settlement. If you are willing to spend the Gold, this option will be less of a grind, and it is very easy to find the Wandering Merchant.

If you travel West from Grassy Behemoth Hills, you will eventually come across the Small Settlement Fast Travel point. When you arrive to the Small Settlement, you will find the Wandering Merchant who is wearing a red outfit. This Merchant offers a wide variety of items to buy, including the Wheat Seeds you may be looking for. These Wheat Seeds cost 100 Gold, but if you are looking to start a Wheat farm, this is a great place to collect some Wheat.

As of now, these are the two best ways know to collect Wheat Seeds. If plan on shelling tons of hours in Palworld, a Wheat farm is definitely going to be in your future. It is just up to you if you want to hunt down some Pals for Wheat Seeds or take the more passive route and purchase them from the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement.

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