Palworld posts impressive Steam stats in Early Access

"Pokémon with guns" is Steam's more popular game!
"Pokémon with guns" is Steam's more popular game! / Pocket Pair

If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to use guns against Pokémon, Palworld is the game for you. Pocket Pair’s action adventure adds a twist to the popular creature-collection title by letting players wield weapons to defeat animals called Pals. You can use everything from assault rifles to spears to become the best Pal trainers. Did I mention there’s base building? Enjoy creating bases with your Pals and letting them help with item collection, production, farming, and electricity generation in Palword.

It’s no wonder Palworld became popular upon its Eary Access release. As of writing, the game has only been up for a few days and already has a “very positive” rating out of 47,594 reviews on Steam. Let’s see just how popular the game has gotten since its launch.   

Palworld Steam Stats

You can find the best-selling and most-played titles by visiting Steam Charts Overview or SteamDB

Steam Charts is the official analytical service by Valve that helps users understand which games are most popular and how well they’re doing on the platform. You can see a game’s change in rank and the number of weeks it’s in the top-sellers category. The most-played category shows the peak number of simultaneous players in the past 24 hours and the game’s current number of players. 

SteamDB is a third-party website that provides more information about a title’s success. It includes store data, Twitch stats, a monthly players breakdown, the game’s hub followers chart, and more.

According to both sources, Palword dominates as Steam's top-selling and most-played game. It sold about five million copies within the first three days of early access. What’s even crazier is that it’s the third-most played game in Steam history, peaking at over 1.5 million simultaneous players

Here are some more specific stats you may want to know about Palworld:

  • Concurrent players: 801,369 (updated every 15 minutes)
  • 24-hour peak: 1,582,482
  • All-time peak on Steam: 1,582,482
  • All-time peak on Twitch: 432,486 (as of Jan. 19)
  • All-time 24-hour peak on Twitch: 412,452 (as of Jan. 19)

Palworld is only available on Steam for $26.99 until Jan. 25, then it becomes $29.99.