MLB The Show 24: Highest rated players from all 30 teams

Team Korea v Los Angeles Dodgers
Team Korea v Los Angeles Dodgers / Gene Wang/GettyImages

Player ratings are always some of the most anticipated parts of any sports video games. Gamers love to debate them, trash talk them, and praise various player ratings. Developers never please 100% of the gaming community when it comes to ratings. It is virtually impossible. There are always gamers who think some ratings are way too high and others that are disrespectfully low. It is the beauty of player ratings and why they are always so talked about in the sports video game community.

With MLB The Show 24 set to be released globally on March 19, it is time to take a look at who is the highest rated player from each team. Some teams highest rated player in a 99 overall, while other teams highest rated player is just barely scratching the surface past an 80 overall.

Highest rated player on every team in MLB The Show 24

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Zac Gallen (SP) - 91 Overall
  • Corbin Carrol (OF) - 91 Overall

Atlanta Braves

  • Ronald Acuna Jr. (OF) - 99 Overall

Baltimore Orioles

  • Adley Rutschman (C) - 91 Overall

Boston Red Sox

  • Rafael Devers (3B) - 87 Overall

Chicago Cubs

  • Cody Bellinger (OF) - 88 Overall
  • Dansby Swanson (SS) - 88 Overall

Chicago White Sox

  • Luis Robert Jr. (OF) - 89 Overall

Cincinnati Reds

  • Matt McLain (SS/2B) - 84 Overall

Cleveland Guardians

  • Jose Ramirez (2B/3B/SS) - 90 Overall

Colorado Rockies

  • Nolan Jones (OF/1B) - 88 Overall

Detroit Tigers

  • Tarik Skubal (SP) - 86 Overall

Houston Astros

  • Yordan Alvarez (DH/OF) - 96 Overall

Kansas City Royals

  • Bobby Witt Jr. (SS) - 92 Overall

Los Angeles Angels

  • Mike Trout (OF) - 99 Overall

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Shohei Ohtani (SP/DH) - 99 Overall
  • Mookie Betts (SS) - 99 Overall

Miami Marlins

  • Tanner Scott (RP) - 91 Overall

Milwaukee Brewers

  • William Contreras (C) - 86 Overall

Minnesota Twins

  • Pablo Lopez (SP) - 88 Overall

New York Mets

  • Francisco Lindor (SS) - 92 Overall

New York Yankees

  • Aaron Judge (OF) - 99 Overall

Oakland Athletics

  • Brent Rooker (OF) - 78 Overall
  • Zack Gelof (2B) - 78 Overall

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Zack Wheeler (SP) - 93 Overall

Pittsburgh Pirates

  • David Bednar (RP) - 92 Overall

San Diego Padres

  • Fernando Tatis Jr. (OF) - 92 Overall

San Francisco Giants

  • Logan Webb (SP) - 88 Overall

Seattle Mariners

  • Julio Rodriguez (OF) - 93 Overall

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Paul Goldschmidt (1B) - 91 Overall

Tampa Bay Rays

  • Pete Fairbanks (RP) - 88 Overall
  • Yandy Diaz (1B/3B) - 88 Overall

Texas Rangers

  • Corey Seager (SS) - 98 Overall

Toronto Blue Jays

  • Kevin Gausman (SP) - 90 Overall
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (1B) - 90 Overall

Washington Nationals

  • Lane Thomas (OF) -83 Overall

Most MLB teams have at least one player in the 90+ or 80+ overall range. Unless you are the Oakland Athletics whose highest rated player is Brent Rooker and Zack Gelof with a 78 overall. There are also 4 teams with at least one player that is a 99 overall. It comes as no surprise that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the only team in MLB The Show 24 with two players rated 99 overall.

These ratings are obviously not the same if you were going to look at Diamond Dynasty. There are so many different versions of cards you can receive in Diamond Dynasty and ways to upgrade cards that overalls in that game mode will constantly be changing.

There will also be mid-season updates throughout the course of the MLB season that will change player ratings as well. You can use these ratings to either scout which team is going to be your team in MLB The Show 24 or use them to joke around with your buddies as to why your team is better because they have better overalls. It is all in good fun!

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