MLB The Show 24 gameplay improvements detailed

MLB The Show 24 key art. Image courtesy Sony
MLB The Show 24 key art. Image courtesy Sony /

Up until now, most of the marketing for MLB The Show 24 has been more to do with special game modes and features. Many have been itching to see what's new on the gameplay front.

At long last, Sony San Diego has finally offered us our first glimpse at the gameplay of MLB The Show 24, while detailing some of the improvements being made this year.

Unfortunately, the gameplay reveal consisted of a 30-second sizzle trailer, which doesn't really give us a genuine feel for how the game plays. Sure, it looks pretty, but how does it feel?

At this point, it's becoming increasingly more likely that MLB The Show 24 will launch without any real hands-on previews. But Sony San Diego did publish a blog post highlighting some of the key gameplay improvements this year.

For starters, fans can look forward to roughly 400 new animations and logic improvements that "meticulously address any remaining areas needing attention focusingon fielder urgency." There are also new 1B throws from the ground to all bases, "that enable 1B to efficiently make throws from all overstretch scenarios."

There are additional pitcher animations implemented for the new disengagement rule. These new animations allow pitchers to step off to fake throw. Bag sizes have also been enlarged to the new size, which mean capturing new logic and tag animations.

Let's be honest, MLB The Show is the best baseball sim on the market. Finding areas to improve upon an already stellar gameplay experience is hard to do.

So Sony continues to refine what they have — improving existing features and game and interface balancing. PAR, or "Perfect Accuracy Region" continues to be refined based on player and community feedback. Pinpoint Pitching has added four new pitching gestures, bringing the total number up to 14.

Based on the "very positive feedback" from MLB The Show 23, Sony believes hitting is in a "great place" at the moment and will, therefore, remain largely unchanged this year.