How to Level Up Fast in Palworld

Here's how to level up fast in Palworld.
Here's how to level up fast in Palworld. / Pocket Pair

Looking to level up fast in Palworld? We outlined the four best ways to gain XP for all skill levels in our complete guide.

Palworld is quickly becoming the most popular video game released in 2024 so far. The game's early access period continues to break records on Steam, most recently reaching the second all-time peak players in Steam history with a total of 1.85 million fans enjoying the title. As players explore the expansive open-world RPG, they can level up both their character and their Pals to the maximum Level 50.

Here's a breakdown of how to level up fast in Palworld.

How to Level Up Fast in Palworld

To level up fast in Palworld, fans must collect as much XP as possible. Although you will earn XP as you naturally play the game, there are a few surefire ways to get easy, quick XP that makes leveling up ten times easier.

Here's the best ways to level up fast in Palworld:

  1. Complete the tutorial.
  2. Capture new Pals.
  3. Capture 10 of each Pal species.
  4. Complete Dungeons.

Complete the Tutorial

Once you download and launch Palworld, you can finish the tutorial that challenges you to complete specific tasks before you dive into your own gameplay. Although the tasks might seem tedious, especially if you have already watched Palworld Twitch streams, the process awards you instant XP before you even start playing.

Capture New Pals & Capture 10 of Each Pal Species

Of course, capturing new Pals rewards players with XP. To catch a Pal, you must throw a Pal Sphere at the creature. Only those who are Level 2 and up can craft Pal Spheres.

Although catching new Pals provides decent XP, capturing 10 of each Pal species grants you an extra bonus. Be on the lookout for the same types of Pals as you hunt, and make sure you have enough Pal Spheres crafted so you are ready to catch them all. Some of the easier pals to find are Chikipis and Lamballs.

Use your Pals to fight and eliminate enemy Pals to gain even more XP.

Complete Dungeons

Players looking for a bit of a challenge can test their luck by completing dungeons. Inside the cave entrances, you will find enemies, ranging from humans to NPC bosses, that you must battle for free rewards and XP.

Do not search for dungeons until you feel comfortable on the game; trying to clear a dungeon without the right amount of experience could backfire.