Palworld Early Access: What is the Max Level Cap?

Pocket Pair

Palworld, the open-world monster-collection game from Pocketpair, officially released in Early Access this week. The game blends elements of open-world survival, crafting and monster catching, and it's getting glowing reviews.

As the game is considered to be in Early Access, it means it's in a playable and enjoyable state, though there is still some work to be done. This gives players the chance to dive in and start playing the game, while the developers use feedback to improve upon it and possibly add more features.

When you dive into Palworld, you'll explore a massive region with tons of different biomes and over 100 unique Pals, each with their own diverse set of skills that can be used to aid you on your adventure. Whether you're gathering resources, battling or capturing Pals, everything you do in the game will reward you with experience points. Naturally, the more experience points you gain, the higher your character's level.

What is the Max Level in Palworld Early Access

As of right now, the Max Level Cap in Palworld is Level 50. This could change in the future, but right now — in early access — it's Level 50.

Palworld also features a level sync system that matches your Pal's level to yours if it is higher. This means if you catch a Pal that is Level 30, but you are only Level 25, the Pal's stats will sync down to Level 25 as well. This is done to prevent high-level Pals from being too overpowered.

How to reach the level up fast and reach the max cap quickly

Just about anything you do in Palworld will reward you with experience. But if you're in a rush to level up quickly, the best thing you can do is simply catch Pals. You can also farm bosses, which provide a good source of EXP.

My personal suggestion though, is to just take your time. As this game is in Early Access there's still much more to come, so there's really no point in rushing through everything. Take in the full beauty of the world and enjoy all the different and unique Pals you'll come across. With more content likely to come, you won't want to rush through everything now.

Palworld is now available in Early Access on Xbox Series X|S,