How long will Palworld be in Early Access?

Pocket Pair

Pocketpair's open-world monster-collection game Palworld officially launched in Early Access this week. Available on Xbox consoles and PC, the game has already surpassed 2 million copies sold — in just 24 hours.

Despite the excitement surrounding the launch of Palworld, it's important to remember that it's a game that's still in early access. This means that Pockpair will continue to fine-tune the game based on player feedback.

"During early access, we will update the game based on the roadmap, actively adding content and improving the game systems," the developer noted in the Steam FAQ.

So how long will Palworld remain in Early Access for?

How long will Palworld be in Early Access?

There's no exact date for when Palworld will exit Early Access and officially launch. However, Pockpair does note that it will at least remain in Early Access "for at least one year." During this time, they will improve the quality of the game by making various improvements"

They do note that this Early Access period could be extended "depending on the progress of development." On the flipside, the official launch could also be pushed up if they are satisfied with the state of the game.

What is the current state of Palworld Early Access and how will the full version differ?

In its current Early Access state, players will experience the core systems of Palworld. This includes monster catching, battles, exploration, and crafting and building. There currently more than 100 monsters, over 350 items and more than 70 types of buildings. The early access max level cap right now is 50.

When the full game launches, expect additional elements to be added to the game. This could be more monsters, new areas and dungeons to explore, new buildings and more. These additions will be made during this Early Access phase as Pockpair works towards the game's official release. And, of course, player feedback and ideas could lead to entirely new game systems being added.

For right now, there's plenty to enjoy and keep you busy in Palworld's Early Access phase. But it's exciting to know even more content is planned for down the line. Keep a look out for an updated roadmap with features and content planned.