Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: Every Campfire Location

Epic Games

Fortnite has come a very long way since its original debut in 2017. The game has undergone many changes, and the map has changed a countless number of times. Along with these changes has been new items to interact with and new quests to complete every season.

If you have been playing Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 on the regular, you may have come across Campfires. These Campfires are scattered across the map and there are a grand total of nine of them. These Campfires also serve various purposes. You can be on the hunt for them for a health boost for your team, or you can be on the hunt for them for quest specific purposes. Whatever the case may be, there are nine scattered across the map waiting to be found!

Campfire #1

  • Travel Southwest from Pleasant Piazza and you will come across a Campsite with the Campfire inside the Campsite.

Campfire #2

  • Travel to the center of Rebel's Roost. Just East you should see a hill that leads downwards. There will be a Campsite at the bottom of the hill where you will find your second Campfire.

Campfire #3

  • Northeast of Rebel's Roost on top of the big hill.

Campfire #4

  • Open the map and locate Lavish Lair. If you look directly North of Lavish Lair on the map you will see an Island separated from the rest of the map. The next Campfire can be found on this little island.

Campfire #5

  • To the East of Restored Reels, there is a large body of water. The Campfire is directly in the center of it.

Campfire #6

  • This Campfire is located inside a building on top at Restored Reels.

Campfire #7

  • If you travel North of Restored Reels, you will eventually run into a little river. Near the river is a house with the Campfire stored inside of it.

Campfire #8

  • The eighth Campfire can be found near the water East of Classy Courts.

Campfire #9

  • To find the final Campfire, all you have to do is travel South from Classy Courts. You can use the "C" in "Courts" as a reference point. Travel directly South from here and you will come across a Tower that is in the snow and near the border of land. The final Campfire is here.

That is all there is to it. There is nothing overly hard about finding these. Once you come in contact with one of them you can light the Campfire and it will heal everyone that stand in the radius of it. Not only is this a decent healing tool, but it will also help you cross off some Quests that you are asked to complete for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

There are obviously better methods of healing in Fortnite, but you never know when one Campfire can become the difference of defeat or victory.

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