Starfield XP farm: How to reach Level 100 super fast

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Part 2: Venus

Venus is an Outpost creators dream in Starfield as one hour of sleep counts for 100 hours of universal time. So, you get so much resources for the same time slept. Venus has cobalt and nickel, which we’ll use to make isocentered magnets at the workbench. To build an outpost on Venus, you’ll need Planetary Habitation rank 3 skill for the extreme environment. But, it’s REALLY fast to get. Once you have enough resources from part 1 and you are ready to speed up, go to any planet you haven’t built an outpost on. This can be a planet or moon – anywhere. Simply build an outpost beacon and put down a single structure from the structures tab such as an airlock or a hallway. You’ll immediately see the counter go up. As soon as you do, destroy the hub and beacon to get your resources back. You will need three different outposts for rank 2, then 5 for rank 3 for a total of 8 planets. Remember, they don’t carry over to unlocked skills. So, unlock rank 2 once you get the first 3 planets done. Then, do your last 5 to unlock rank 3. This should take about 10 minutes to do. Once done, go to Venus and follow the same pattern as above. Find a spot that has both nickel and cobalt by landing near an area they meet on the planetary scan. You’ll need A LOT more storage containers. And I mean A LOT. I built over 160 medium size containers for my outpost. I had about 1,500 each of aluminum and iron from my first planet when I got to Venus with over 4,000 adaptive frames as well. Hopefully, your outpost is close to your ship as you’ll be incredibly encumbered with the amount of materials you’ll be making. I built my bed and workbench right next to my ship to make traveling much faster.

Once you have the nickel and cobalt extractors set up and connected to the containers, place all your arrays. For reference, I was only able to use 4 extractors of each element due to the space limitation on my outpost in the resource vein. With over 160 containers for storage and sleeping for 24 hours, I was able to make around 125-150 batches of 99 isocentered magnets each sleep cycle. Doing the math, that comes out to be about 15,000 XP every cycle. It would take me about 4 minutes to make them all, then I would sleep and repeat.

Using this set up, I was able to get from level 48 when I started to level 100 in just 4 hours. You should gain about 2 to 2 and a half levels each sleep cycle. The only limitation is the amount of storage containers you have – you may be able to sleep less time if you have fewer containers. Of course, there’s also the boredom factor. To make it easier, I remapped my bindings to switch the RB button on my Xbox controller to the B button in the menu navigation section as I found it was easier to keep spamming B than RB. You’ll have to switch this back to default in order to travel, but it takes literally two seconds to do.

You will become extremely encumbered while doing this. My mass limit is about 359 and I was carrying nearly 70,000 when I was done. It was so bad that even using my personal atmosphere skill to generate Oxygen did not help. You can either just drop items on the ground to lower your mass or build right next to your ship so you don’t have to waste time slow walking back to your ship to travel as you can’t fast travel while encumbered.

Then, once you get to whatever level you want, simply head to a resource center and sell all your stuff for cash. It’s worth it even if you have to keep sitting down to pass time and reset the inventory as you’ll gain hundreds of thousands of credits. Remember, there is no limit in Starfield so you’re free to go as far over 100 as you want. How high will you go?

We hope this guide helps and gets you to Reach for the Stars as fast as it can. How far are you in Starfield? Let us know below.