Starfield inventory tips: Never become Encumbered again

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In the vast, uncharted depths of space in Bethesda’s highly anticipated game, Starfield, which we reviewed, players will find themselves collecting a wide array of items, equipment, and resources. These treasures are essential for survival, crafting, and trading. However, as you venture further into the cosmos, it becomes increasingly crucial to manage your inventory efficiently to prevent becoming encumbered. In this article, we’ll explore effective strategies for managing your inventory and keeping the burden of encumbrance at bay in Starfield.

Starfield: Inventory Tips and Understanding Encumbered

Encumbered is a common mechanic in role-playing and open-world games like Starfield. It represents the weight limit that your character can carry without suffering penalties such as reduced movement speed, increased stamina consumption, or even complete inability to run. Proper inventory management is essential to prevent these encumbrance issues from hampering your gameplay experience, especially considering CO2 buildup can be detrimental to your health.

1. Prioritize Essentials: In Starfield, not all items are created equal. Start by prioritizing essential items like weapons, armor, and consumables. These are critical for your survival and should always have a place in your inventory.

2. Sort and Organize: Keep your inventory organized by using categories or labels. This makes it easier to locate specific items quickly. For instance, create separate sections for weapons, armor, crafting materials, and consumables.

3. Weight-to-Value Ratio: Consider the weight-to-value ratio of items you come across. Valuable or rare items might be worth carrying even if they’re heavy, while common items with low value may not be worth the space.

4. Crafting and Upgrades: In Starfield, crafting and upgrading equipment is a fundamental aspect of the game. Keep crafting materials in your inventory, but regularly check for excess quantities. If you’re carrying an abundance of materials, consider storing some on your spaceship.

5. Use Storage Facilities: Utilize storage on your spaceship. Store items you don’t need immediately but want to keep for future use. Crafting and research tables will pull from your ship’s storage!

6. Sell Unwanted Gear: As you progress in Starfield, you’ll come across plenty of equipment. If you find gear that’s not an upgrade, sell it to vendors for currency.

7. Invest in Inventory Upgrades: Many games, including Starfield, offer opportunities to increase your character’s carrying capacity through upgrades or perks. Prioritize these as you level up to ensure you can carry more loot.

8. Drop Unnecessary Items: Sometimes, you’ll need to make hard choices. If you find yourself over-encumbered in the midst of a mission or exploration, don’t hesitate to drop low-value items to lighten your load temporarily.

9. Regularly Review Your Inventory: Inventory management is an ongoing process. Set aside time between missions or exploration to review and optimize your inventory. This habit will prevent encumbrance from becoming a constant problem.

10. Plan Ahead: When embarking on a mission or a long journey to a new star system, plan your inventory accordingly. Bring the necessary gear but avoid carrying too many items that are readily available in the game world.

In the sprawling universe of Starfield, mastering inventory management is a crucial skill that can greatly enhance your gaming experience. By prioritizing essentials, organizing your inventory, and making strategic decisions about what to carry and what to leave behind, you can prevent the burden of being encumbered from slowing you down. Remember that a well-managed inventory will not only improve your mobility but also enable you to make the most of the treasures you find in the depths of space. So, gear up, explore the cosmos, and may your inventory always be well-managed in your journey through Starfield!