Starfield guide: All Powers and Artifacts

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One of the many details in Starfield is the ability to use powers. There are a number of them in the game, 24 to be exact, and each one is tied to a specific artifact. The first one is always in the same spot, but others are chosen at random. Below, we take you through each artifact, their corresponding power and which ones are best for your build.

You will need to start the 3rd main quest Into the Unknown before you get powers. So, if you’re a side quest where, you’ll be waiting a while. You’ll be sent to a planet with a sensor anomaly and find a temple (very easy). Inside the temple, you will have to float through a glowing orb 5 times in a row. Each time will cause the spinning rings to go faster in the room’s center. At 5, you’ll be able to fly through the center to get your power.

The first one is always the same (mission bound) and it gives you an anti-gravity power to send your opponents floating away helplessly at your mercy. The remaining 23 are as follows:

1. Personal atmosphere – allows you your own bubble of Oxygen so you can run endlessly without the CO2 damage

2. Alien reanimated– resurrect a dead enemy to fight for you

3. Solar Flare – Shoot a solar energy blast at enemies.

4. Grav-Dash – a burst forward causing damage to whatever is in your way

5. Sense star stuff  – let’s enemies become highlighted through barriers.

6. Precognition– See the outcome of actions.  This is awesome especially for dialogue choices or persuading enemies.

7. Creator’s Peace – makes enemies drop weapons or stop attacking you if they are doing so

8. Reactive Shield – a barrier without end that will last the duration of time regardless of how much you get hit. I used this in an outpost of spacers and breezed through in seconds.

9. Parallel Self – Summon a clone to fight for you. This is the best one because it is equipped with the same gear as you and Infinite ammo – even if your character had no ammo for that weapon.  So, equip your best weapon, take cover and let them go to work.

10. Void form – Become invisible

11. Elemental Pull – This is the best if you are a crafter as it auto-pulls elements from the area right to you so you don’t have to cut rocks any more.

12. Supernova– One of the BEST in the game. Create a giant explosion for a huge AOE attack.

13. Life forced – Another great combat power as you life steal from enemies to you.

14. Sunless space – An AOE attack where you freeze enemies in a huge area allowing for constant attack.

15. Inner demon – Summon a clone of the enemy to attack them.

16. Earthbound – Gravity becomes that of Earth.

17. Create vacuum – No Oxygen for enemies

18. Gravity well – Make a crushing field of gravity

19. Eternal Harvest – Another awesome one for crafting. Spam this to let flora resources regen from the same plant so you can max out the resources sooner.

20. Phased Time – slows down time Max Payne style, allowing you to move around enemies much quicker and shoot without delay.

21. Moon form – Lock yourself in place like a rock and become a tank with huge damage resistance.

22. Gravity wave – Shoot a directed burst of gravity

23. Particle Beam – Shoot a beam of energy

And there you have it, all the powers available to you in Starfield. Outpost builders and crafted will want to stick to things like Eternal Harvest and Elemetal Pull, as combining this with certain skills will let you spam produce resources. Other combat focused players will want to stick to solar flare, anti-gravity or cloning.

It all depends on your playstyle. After the first mission centered ones, the order and location you unlock the rest is randomized and different for each player.

How many have you found so far? Let us know below.