Clash of Clans December 2023 update leaks: New TH16 building levels

Supercell /

The December 2023 update for Clash of Clans is coming soon. This week, Supercell confirmed the new update will introduce Town Hall 16 while also hinting at a new Hero Pet. But other than that, they’ve been keeping the contents of this update a secret.

We’ve still got a few more days until the sneak peeks start, but in the meantime, leaks have started to pop up online. We figured the new Town Hall would introduce new building levels as well as some additional units but now some of the specific details have now been leaked online.

According to the leaks, the following buildings and units will be introduced with Town Hall 16:

The leak seemingly confirms what many of us thought when watching the recent Hammer Jam teaser trailer. And that is Town Hall 16 will grant the ability to combine two Archer Towners into one mega Archer Tower. We still don’t know the specifics of how this will work.

If true, the ability to combine buildings into mega buildings could be a step forward toward solving the issue of the 100 max building capacity in your Home Village. While it’s only Archer Towers for now, it’s possible future updates could allow you to combine other buildings and defenses.

Another interesting note is the Spirit Fox, which is presumably the new pet. Supercell had released a teaser of an adorable creature hopping through the forest and this leak seemingly confirms that it will indeed be a new Hero Pet.

Beyond these two new additions, Town Hall 16 will allow for another Builder Hut, upgrades for your Elxiir Collector, Gold Mine, X-Bow, Elixir Storage, Wizard Tower and Air Sweeper.

Supercell hasn’t announced when the sneak peeks for the December update for Clash of Clans will begin but additional rumors suggest they’ll start on December 4, followed by the update’s release on December 11. This timeline would be in line with previous December updates from past years.