Starfield: How to get a Scan Jammer

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Throughout your Starfield journey, you are going to come across illegal goods, stolen items, and most likely contraband as well. You may choose to sell this contraband at some point, but if you get caught with any of the illegal items on you, you are going to be arrested for that. The Starfield law takes this type of stuff very seriously. When you go through various space scans, the scans are going to catch you every time with these items on your character. Luckily, if you obtain a Scan Jammer, you won’t have to worry about being caught in these pesky scans any longer.

How to acquire a Scan Jammer?

Getting your hands on a Scan Jammer will make your Starfield experience a whole lot easier and safer when traveling through space. However, acquiring a Scan Jammer isn’t super straightforward and requires quite a few steps before you can get your hands on one.

You are first going to want to travel to the Porimma System and then travel to Porimma III. Porimma III is where you can find the Red Mile location. If you are unfamiliar with the Red Mile, the Red Mile is a super sketchy area where you can make some extra money due to its notorious gambling area.

Once you have entered the Red Mile, you are going to want to make your way to the Ship Service desk. Here you will be able to talk to a man named Lon Anderson. Mr. Anderson is going to appear like he is having a bad day and might have a bit of attitude, but you want to continue to talk to him until he gives you an option that says, “I’d like to view and modify my ships.” Select this option.

On this screen there will be an option to select “Add.” Then you will need to scroll all the way to the right until you reach the “Equipment” tab. When you reach the tab, you should see the option to add and purchase a Scan Jammer to your ship. This Scan Jammer will make hiding illegal/stolen goods much easier from the Starfield police.

What are the differences in Scan Jammers?

There is more than one type of Scan Jammer you can acquire in Starfield. There is a Single Frequency Scan Jammer, a Dual Frequency Scan Jammer, and a Multi-Frequency Scan Jammer. The Single Frequency Scan Jammer will help protect you on scans, but not as much as the Dual Scan Jammer or the Multi Scan Jammer. While each Scan Jammer does protect your more and more from scans, the cost of each scan Jammer also increases as well.

If you are trying to smuggle contraband or other illegal items, it is definitely worth getting your hands on a Scan Jammer. If you do happen to get caught with these items on you, you will get a bounty put on your head. You can pay off this bounty and end up being fine, but in an effort to avoid racking up tons of bounties, you might want to consider investing into a Scan Jammer.

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