Starfield: How to clear your bounty

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Starfield is anything but a passive game. You are going to encounter a lot of combat and conflict in the universe and because of that, you are probably going to commit some crimes. The more crimes that you end up committing, the higher your bounty will rise. Don’t just think that you can commit these crimes without paying some sort of price because Starfield has prisons and police that will be set out to get you for committing these crimes.

Clearing your Starfield Bounty comes at a price

The good news is that no matter how bad the crime is that you commit, you always have the chance to clear your bounty and name with the Starfield police. In order to do that, you are going to need to visit the region where you committed the crime and visit a Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk. If you pay off your bounty this way, you will get to keep any items that may have stolen. This way is a bit pricier, however.

The other option to clear your bounty is to visit guards in any major city where you have a bounty. When you approach the guards, they will talk to you and ask you if you want to pay off your bounty. This is a much cheaper option, but they will also confiscate any items on you that are deemed to be stolen. The more crimes that you committed, the much more expensive it will be to pay off your bounty.

You won’t have a bounty if you aren’t caught

The only way that you rack up a bounty is if someone sees you commit a crime. If no one sees you commit a crime or you can get rid of the person or people that sees your crime, there will be no one to report the crime to the Starfield police and you will be off of the hook. However, if this isn’t done the right way, you may rack up even more of a bounty from the extra crimes you are committing to prevent others from reporting your bounty.

What happens in Starfield prison?

Obviously, no one is forcing you to clear your bounty. You always have the option to not clear your bounty and continue to play the game with a bounty on your head. This may eventually cause the Starfield police to catch you and put you in prison.

If you didn’t clear your bounty and you chose to go quietly with the police, you are going to serve your time in prison, along with the loss of the any stolen items and XP. Time will automatically be advanced for however long your prison sentence is and your XP will take a big hit as well. The number of XP lost is solely based on how large your bounty was at the time of being caught.

That is everything you need to know about your bounty and how to clear your bounty in Starfield. Starfield is a very complex game, and this bounty feature is going to make sure that it keeps all your crimes in check.

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