Starfield lockpicking: How to use Digipicks

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It is hard to believe that the long awaited Starfield game has been out for nearly a week already. Throughout your journey so far, you should have come in contact with doors that are locked. Behind these doors are loot that can be more on the rarer side. However, the only way that you can unlock these doors it to lockpick them using Digipicks.

There are a few different ways you can get Digipicks in Starfield. You can either purchase them from the store, find them lying around as you explore the giant galaxy, or you can loot them from dead enemies. Obviously, the most guaranteed way to behold a Digipick in your inventory is to go and purchase them. This way you always have a Digipick on you when you go exploring. You never know when you may need one.

Not every lock in Starfield is the same. There are a total of four different difficulties of locks that you can pick. The difficulty choices are Novice, Advanced, Expert, and Master. Anyone can access the Novice locks right away, but the other harder locks must be access after acquiring the skills from the skill tree.

Once you are ready to begin lockpicking using your Digipicks, make your way to the desired locked door. When you arrive to the door, it will let you know how difficult the lock is to pick and if you have the Digipicks on you, you can begin lockpicking.

In order to pick the lock, you will first need to complete a mini game. All the mini game is asking for you to do is to match up the key with the pins on the lock. Your choices to try and get a perfect fit for the lock are on the side of your screen. However, the harder the lock is to pick, the more useless keys they will throw on the screen to try and mess you up.

Once you think you have the correct combination of keys in the puzzle mini game, you can go ahead and submit your answer. If you make a mistake, be prepared to go through more than one Digipick. If you have submitted the correct combination to complete the mini game, the door will be unlocked and you can claim the loot inside.

This is a lot different from lockpicking that we have seen in other Bethesda video games, but after a few tries, you should start getting used to it. There has been a fair amount of backlash towards the lockpicking mechanic in Starfield, but that is just the way it is going to work with this video game title.

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