Starfield: How many endings are there?

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Starfield released in early access last week with its full launch coming on September 6. The newest sci-fi RPG from Bethesda is massive in scope, featuring side quests, secret activities, and tons of exploration. But for those who focused primarily on the main story, you may have already “beaten” the game and witnessed the “ending.”

Starfield is a game with many branching paths, dialogue options and decisions. The ramifications of these decisions are sometimes experienced immediately, while you may not discover the results of others until further along in the game.

With Starfield, you may be wondering if there are multiple endings and if the decisions you make throughout the game impact the ending.

Starfield: Are there multiple endings?

As of this writing, only one true ending to Starfield. It involves traveling to the Unity and stepping towards infinity. A part of you will fuse with the essence of your current universe, while another part leaves it behind forever.

When you walk through the light, you will become a Staborn and will be reborn in another universe as if you were awakening from a dream. This effectively serves as the game’s main replay loop and segway into New Game Plus and beyond.

You’ll enter this new universe with the experience of knowing how things unfold, and can alter your decisions based on that knowledge.

You do have the option to walk away from the Unity and return to your ship to explore more of your current universe, but the only true ending is when you step through the light in the Unity.

Starfield variations to your ending

Although the only true ending involves being reborn as a Starborn, there are multiple variations you will see as you step toward the light. In the Unity, you will see how the decisions you made throughout the game will impact those remaining in the current universe. These will be told through dioramas that offer some insight as you walk near them.

Some of the different scenes you’ll see will involve your romance companion, the factions you’ve joined, your alliance with the Hunter or the Emissary (or neither), and the Constellation.