Does Remnant 2 Have New Game Plus?

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The wide array of experiences and randomized campaigns in Remnant 2 make the game a perfect candidate for New Game Plus.

New Game Plus allows players to replay a game they have already completed with all the equipment, items, and weapons they earned from their initial playthrough. The feature gives fans the opportunity to go back through a game after the credits roll and see how they fare with the new resources and knowledge they now have.

Remnant 2 offers players different worlds with unique stories, creatures, weapons, and items that they must master and upgrade to survive. Along the way, they can choose from a range of Archetypes to give themselves the best chance of defeating the game’s toughest bosses.

With so many experiences to explore, fans want to know if the game includes New Game Plus.

Does Remnant 2 Have New Game Plus?

Yes, Remnant 2 has New Game Plus, or at least a version of it. The game features a reroll mechanic that allows players to replay their campaign experiences to get better equipment and encounter new bosses, quests, and map layouts. Unlike New Game Plus, players do not have to complete Remnant 2 to reroll their campaign for a different experience.

To reroll your campaign, head to the World Stone in Ward 13. Interact with the red crystal and select world settings. Then, simply hit the reroll campaign feature to reset your campaign progress. You will also be able to change the difficulty you are playing on.

Remnant 2’s New Game Plus is perfect for players looking to explore a new world or defeat new enemies with more knowledge and game skill than when they started the game for the first time.