Remnant 2: How to Reroll Your Campaign World

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Not every campaign world that you spawn in, in Remnant 2 is the same. Some worlds offer different locations than others and sometimes you need specific locations in order to access certain weapons or Archetypes found throughout the game. If you are unlucky enough to have certain locations missing from your current world, you aren’t necessarily out of luck. In Remnant 2, you have the option to reroll your campaign world in order to get a fresh-looking world.

Everything you lose from rerolling your world

One of the many questions asked when rerolling your world is what contents do you lose from this process? The simple answer is not as much as you may think. The idea of rerolling your world may sound a bit scary. The term “rerolling” makes it seem like you are going to lose everything and start over from scratch. In reality, you don’t end up losing that much.

When you reroll a world in Remnant 2, you do lose all your progress you made in that current world. That is because you are being granted a brand-new world. However, you do not lose your Skills, Traits, Resources, Perks, or even any of your items. Any of your Side Quests that are active will be lost, but your Main Quest progress will be unaffected. You will also keep your same Power Level. In reality, you aren’t really losing much for choosing to reroll your world.

How to reroll your world in Remnant 2

Like I said previously, rerolling your world can benefit you for a variety of different reasons. You may be tired of the current layout of your current world and want some change, or you may be looking for very specific locations to acquire certain items. If this is the case, you may be looking to reroll your world.

To reroll your Remnant 2 world, head on over to the World Stone in Ward 13. You may notice other World Stones throughout your journey through the game, but only the World Stone in Ward 13 will grant you a reroll.

Upon arrival to the World Stone in Ward 13, choose the “World Settings” button on the bottom of the screen. At this point you should see the “Reroll Campaign” button. Hit this button and your world will be rerolled.

Rerolling your Remnant 2 worlds may not always be beneficial, and you are always going to want to make sure that you are 100% certain that you want to reroll the world. Once you reroll your world, there is no going back. Unless you decide to reroll it again. That is why you are going to want to make sure that you are absolutely certain before you proceed.

Now that you know how to reroll worlds, is this something that you are going to use, or are you going to stick with your current world you are playing through right now?

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