Is Twisted Metal on Xbox?

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Several games have been getting the live-action series/movie treatment. Twisted Metal, the vehicular combat franchise that started in 1995, is no exception. A live-action series of Twisted Metal was confirmed back in 2019, and we’ve been patiently waiting for its arrival. Now, fans will get to see their favorite psychotic drivers in action via Peacock.

The TV series was officially released on July 27, and fans of the franchise want to start playing the games again. PlayStation 4 and 5 owners can play Twisted Metal. But can Xbox owners do the same?

Is Twisted Metal on Xbox?

There hasn’t been any announcement for Twisted Metal to come out on Xbox. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible for the game to arrive on the platform, so fans shouldn’t give up hope yet.

Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2 are both on the PlayStation 4 and 5 for $9.99 each. These titles are at no additional cost when you subscribe to PlayStation Plus Premium, starting at $17.99 a month. The 2015 installment, Twisted Metal: Black, is only available on PlayStation 4 for $9.99.

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