Who Plays the Clown in Twisted Metal?

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We’ve seen many video game adaptations lately, including Super Mario Bros Movie and Sonic the Hedgehog. Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions adds another popular franchise to the list: Twisted Metal.

Sweet Tooth, also known as Needles Kane, is the killer clown in Twisted Metal. This guy has a passion for murder, chaos, and sweet things, hence his name.

Many fans of the franchise are wondering who plays the demented clown in the action-comedy about the vehicular combat game. Continue reading to find out!

Who Plays the Clown in Twisted Metal?

Samoa Joe, a professional wrestler, plays Sweet Tooth in this adaptation of the vehicular-combat video game series. Will Arnett, known for his roles in Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman, and more, is the voice actor for the character.

The clown appeared in the first installment and has been a major icon for the series since then. Some people may not know that Sweet Tooth didn’t sport his flamed hair until Twisted Metal 2. Before then, he had green hair. He drives around in his old-fashioned ice cream truck and is the psychotic version of Marcus Kane, a homeless man.

Although Sweet Tooth’s flaming locks have been replaced with red hair, the Twisted Metal still series looks riveting. Anthony Mackie, better known as The Falcon, plays John Doe who must cross a post-apocalyptic land to deliver cargo. Who knows what dangers lie ahead of him?