Remnant 2: How to unlock secret Plasma Cutter

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There are tons of weapons to use in Remnant 2, with your choice of Handguns, Long Guns, and Melee. Between all three weapon categories, there is an extremely large variety of weapons to use from each of the three categories. Some of the weapons are easier to acquire than others, while some are secret and require you to complete a set of objectives before being able to use them. The Plasma Cutter is a Long Gun and is considered a secret weapon because you must complete a set of objectives before you are able to get your hands on it.

How to acquire the Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2

The Plasma Cutter is a Long Gun that is going to deal tons of damage at close to medium range but can do its fair share of damage at longer range as well. The Plasma Cutter is also a visually appealing weapon as it shoots a purple beam at the enemies that will absolutely shred them. If you are looking to acquire the Plasma Cutter for yourself, you will be happy to know that it won’t be too hard to acquire.

The first thing you are going to need to acquire is the Navigator’s Helm. To do this you are going to need to travel to the Extraction Hub location on N’Erud. You will either get The Eon Vault or the Timeless Horizon location. Whichever location you get, it doesn’t really matter. In this location you will hear a lot of sirens going off along with a handful of Extractors. If you go under an Extractor and it crushes you, it will kill you instantly. Hence why there are loud sirens going off. Near all of the Extractors, there will be a checkpoint that you can use as your starting point.

From the checkpoint, you are going to want to want to find one of the Extractors with the entrance underneath it. Once you find it, you are going to have to crouch and hurry down into the hole before the Extractor comes down and crushes you. When you are in this area, start killing the enemies and one of them should eventually reward you with the Navigator’s Helm. This is crucial if you are looking to acquire the Plasma Cutter.

Once you have received the Navigator’s Helm, you need to travel to the Navigator’s Room. This can be found in the second overworld of N’Erud. If you are having trouble finding the Navigator’s Room, you may have to reroll your campaign world. This a common tactic that players use to get locations available to them that weren’t previously available in a prior world.

Locating the Navigator’s Room isn’t overly hard. The Navigator’s Room resembles a giant ship that crash down into the Earth. It is really hard to miss.

Once you arrive at the outside of the crashed ship, equip the Navigator’s Helm and enter through the broken side of the ship. On the inside there will be a red beam that scans your character to make sure that you are wearing the Navigator’s Helm. If you are successful wearing this item, the door will open, leading you to directly the Plasma Cutter.

The Plasma Cutter does a tremendous amount of damage even at just the base level. However, the Plasma Cutter can be upgraded if you want to even further increase your damage. In order to do this, you will need Lumenite Crystals.

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That is all there is to acquiring the Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2. The Plasma Cutter is one of many secrets you will come across in Remnant 2, but it is also one more that you can cross off of your list to acquire now.