Remnant 2: How to unlock secret Invader Archetype

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There are a few Archetypes in Remnant 2 that must be unlocked before you have the chance to try them out. The Engineer Archetype is one of these secret Classes, as is the Invader Archetype.

The Invader Archetype specializes in elusiveness and misdirection on the battlefield. You will be able to deploy decoys that will take the enemies’ focus off of the real enemies and potentially make them a bit confused. The more time the enemy’s attention is off of you, the better of you will be when trying to destroy them.

How to unlock the Invader Archetype in Remnant 2

The first step to unlocking the Invader Archetype in Remnant 2 is to acquire the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. To do this you are going to need to first travel to Losomn and hope that you are on The Nightweaver main storyline. If you end up getting Palace Courtyard, you won’t be able to continue in your current run. However, you can always reroll your world in Adventure Mode.

Once you have made it to Losomn, you will need to find the Marrow Santorium and make your way to the Asylum. There will be a lot of enemies you need to defeat in this area. The goal here is to first find the Asylum Third Floor Key.

To find the Asylum Third Floor Key, you will first need to head into the basement. Once in the basement follow the hallways until you reach a set of brick stairs that lead upwards and outside. At the top of the stairs make a right and head toward the wooden shed. If you go up to the wooden shed and interact with the shed doors, it will activate a cutscene involving the Ripsaw boss. You are going to have to defeat Ripsaw to move forward. After Ripsaw is dead, you can claim the Asylum Third Floor Keys in the wooden shed.

Now that you have the keys, head back to the main entrance to the Asylum and make your way up the stairs. On the third floor you will need to clear the enemies and find the window that is open. Jump out the window onto the balcony looking area and pick up the Prison Cell Keys. Once you have the Prison Cell Keys, you have everything that you need to move forward.

Make your way down into the basement once again and talk to the mysterious voice locked behind the locked door. Once you are finished talking to the voice, you can unlock the door and claim the Nightweaver Stone Doll. All you need to do once you have the Nightweaver Stone Doll is to continue making your way through the Remnant 2 main story.

Continue progressing through the Remnant 2 main story until you encounter the Nightweaver in the Gilded Chambers. After your first encounter with the Nightweaver, you will acquire the Soulkey Tribute. Now that you have the Soulkey Tribute, you can return to the Morrow Parish and head on down to the basement. In the basement you will see something that looks like a spiderweb with a blue substance glowing inside. Interact with the blue spiderweb with the Soulkey Tribute and you will be transported to the Tormented Asylum.

Once you are at the Tormented Asylum, you are just going to need to find the cell with the spiderweb to interact with. You will know the room when you see it. When you interact with the web, you will have the ability to place any quest items that you have inside of the web. If you place the Nightweaver Stone Doll into the web, you will be rewarded with the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. If you think that you are close to acquiring the Invader Archetype, you still got quite a ways to go.