Remnant 2: How to Find the Secret Hellfire Flamethrower

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Remnant 2 is the sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes and gamers have already dove deep into the sequel. Despite Remnant 2 just coming out within the last 48 hours, gamers have already done a great job with uncovering secrets that developers Gunfire Games have hidden away deep in the game. The secrets that you can discover in Remnant 2 come in many different varieties. However, one of the easiest secrets that you can discover is acquiring the secret Hellfire Flamethrower.

The Hellfire Flamethrower is located towards the end of Remnant 2.

If you are interested in uncovering secrets left behind by the developers, this is an easy one to cross off of your list. How would you like to add a Flamethrower to your Remnant 2 collection? While acquiring the Hellfire Flamethrower is very simple, it is very easy to miss if you have no idea where to look for this unique weapon.

You are going to have to progress to the ending area of the game called Root Earth. When you get to Root Earth, there is an area located here called Ashen Wasteland. As you approach the beginning of Ashen Wasteland, you may notice a bunch of cars and trucks destroyed in this area. If you look even more closely, you will notice a semi-truck plopped face down into a crater. In between you and the semi-truck is a barrier.

At this point you have two options. First there is a little portion of the wall that you can actually manage to jump over. If you can find that little portion of the wall you can jump over, you can bypass the wall as simple as that. If you can’t seem to find a way to jump over the wall, you can take a nearby root that takes you up above the semi-truck area so that you can jump down from up above onto the semi-truck.

However you manage to get to the semi-truck is up to you. Your goal is just to simply get to the semi-truck whatever way you see fit. Once you are at the semi-truck, you will notice a purple glow coming from underneath the semi. This purple glow is none other than the secret Hellfire Flamethrower Handgun.

This is one of the easier secrets to uncover in Remnant 2. Some of the secrets tend to get a bit tedious and involve many different steps. With the Hellfire Flamethrower Handgun, it is just as simple as getting to the Ashen Wasteland location and getting underneath this semi-truck.

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